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Chapter 3
Buried memories. 3 

    We sat looking at each other in silence, I was silently begging someone would say something soon, It was very awkward. I waited for a few more minutes but my wish didn't  not come true, leaving it down to me. Again. 
    " Let's start with Mel." I paused not sure what to say next "Where is she by the way? I know in the water, but that's pretty elusive, where do you meet with her?" neither of the girls answered me so I changed my tactics. Deciding that Jezzie was probably more likely to give in first so I fixed my icey gaze on her, I could see her confidence wavering, her brows creasing. She was about to crack. 
    She peered over my shoulder to take refuge in her friend. The plea in her eyes was obvious, and I think even I might have cracked under the pressure and I knew for sure my feeble sister would. 
    "Its okay, I'll tell him." I couldn't believe it was that easy. If it was my father who was questioning her I prayed she would have more inner strength and be able to hold her secrets in. I told my self again and again she was only telling me because I was her brother, her best friend, two halves of a soul. "Well we kind of don't go visit her, she visits us. When she comes out of the water that is, but that should be soon we haven't seen her for a few days, it's just a matter of time."
    "Are you joking! So not only do you let her go for visits but you don't even know where she is based. This is just great!" In an attempt to calm myself, I concentrated on my breathing and tried to slow it down. Just as I was beginning to gain ground with myself, both girls jumped out of their seats with no attempt to mask their outrage.
    " What the hell do you mean ""are you joking"" are YOU joking, she gave up everything to help us, how can you deny her the right to go home!" She looked at me like I was delusional.
    "You left us, remember? We had do fend for ourselves we did that our way, you can't give us orders from who knows where! We're only in this mess 'cause of you!" Jessie added. I could understand their point, Melody and Jezzie had given up everything. With a capital E, their families, their homes, their friends, their safety. They were right, I didn't have any right, this whole thing was my fault. They sat back down trying to calm theirselves the same way I had just moments ago. "That wasn't fair Seth,  we chose to do this and you couldn't help but fall in love. I wish I had that kind of love."  This made me remember something I had tried so hard to put to the back of my mind until I was ready to act. Lily.


    "SETH!" screamed lily as my fathers henchmen dragged her away. I processed the situation at the speed of light, there is two of them, I could take them for sure. They were amateurs. But if these were here, that meant my father, Cadence, knew. How could this have happened! We were so careful. However I couldn't just snatch her from these guards, more would be behind  them leaving us no chance of getting away. I would have to wait, speak to my father and if he wouldn't listen well it would be easier to break lily out with a plan than it would be rushing into things blindly now. Decided. I gave her a knowing wink ' I'll save you'  I sent to her telepathically, the anxiety that was radiating off her softened marginally when she received my message and I was happy to know I had calmed her, I needed someone to  do the same for me. We gazed into each others eyes as a goodbye until she was thrown through the doors into the grand hall. The entrance was much grander than what it led to and left an eery silence after the ear slitting crash that occurred when they were slammed shut.
    Time for action.  I spun and raced down the passage way towards grace's chambers, she was our crazy aunt that we always hung out with. I could trust her, she would know what to do.
    I  arrived completely flustered mumbling about what a godforsaken idiot my waste of space father was to a room full of the people closets to me. I feared I wouldn't see this again anytime soon, if ever and took everything in. I would tell them all together to save time and make sure everyone knew the same thing then talk to Valerie separately. Thelma, our aunt, melody, Jezzie and Val sat with out interrupting and listened to my story, I got a few disapproving looks from Thelma when I mentioned lily was human but she knew the burden of forbidden love. However hers had not ended well, she escaped, barely with her life. Sadly Thomas had not been so lucky. She made the decision that her brother would not understand and so that led to us deciding on a game plan. Aunt Thel would wait at the gaits with a ferrari for her and lily to escape in and  four Harley's for the rest of us. Mel and Jezzie would go to the dungeons, the guys down there would break easily with a bit of magic and a lot of flirting. Me and Val waited at the top of the staircase ready to protect on our way to the gates, this left me to talk to her alone.
    "Are you sure about this" She asked. "This is going to ruin us you know?"
    "I'm sure, I love her. I always will." Her stance changed from high alert, to look me in the eyes. As she looked at me I began to regret leading my sister into this mess.
    "You better be right, I won't abandon you, never. No matter what you do we will never stop being, always and forever." I smiled at her. I knew everything she was saying was true, but I hoped she would change her mind and go back to father, she shouldn't have to give everything up.
    "I know. When we leave you have to take Jezebel and Melody somewhere safe. Protect them, go to a small town somewhere in the US. Dont let melody go back to the water, it will consume her and whatever you do, do not get noticed. " She was about to protest when Lily appeared with her two heroines of the hour at the staircase. Now we had to run. 
    Val was at the front tailed by jezzie in case we needed her magic, then lily, then melody, with me at the back for threats that followed. Thankfully we made it out unnoticed but by the time we were at the gates the alarms had be sound. As the others got in a leaned through the window and planted a kiss on Lilys lips. They were so soft, so full of life. So human. We said our goodbyes and I told her to listen to everything Thelma told her, I told her I would always love her and I would find my way back to her, back home. The car sped off and I had no concern my cooky aunt would have no problem with breaking the speed limit, however I hoped she knew that most of the time, outside of England, you drove on the other side of the road. 
    "We need to leave" Melody shouted, I knew she was right. I glanced at Val and gave her a small nod. She shook her head and repeated her earlier statement.
    " You better be right." The last word was muffled by the bike engine as she led our friends off into the unknown. She looked back at me and shook her head one final time.
This was going to bite us in the arse. I leapt onto my bike and reved the engine. Here we go!


    "Hello.......... Anyone in there." the voice turned serious."Are you okay?"
    " What? Yeah I'm fine, why wouldn't I be." I hoped they hadn't realized where my mind had wondered to.
    " Well, I don't know let's start with the fact you've been staring into space for the pas five minutes, with no response to anything we said." That was definitely Val. "That a good enough reason?" My eyes refocused the, selves just in time to see her eyebrows rise and the cocky expression she wore.
    "You can talk about her you know, Lily I mean."  Jezzie looked much more concerned than my lovely, loving sister. With her long brunette curls and contrasting ice blue eyes I asked why I couldn't have fallen in love with her!
    "Yeah, I know. And I will, I'm just not quite ready." It was the best answer I could give.
     "Soz I'm being kinda vague." Her face became very angelic which made me want to laugh considering her name meant 'impure.'
     went to make us all some dinner, leaving me and my twin to talk. Within minutes we were laughing and joking like we had never been apart. We were talking about the time aunt Thelma had lost her glasses and walked off the top of the Taj Mahal. Both of us were giggling uncontrollably when Jezzie walked in with a tray holding Two stunning glasses filled with blood which I recognized as A positive and plate with two wraps full of leafy greens.
    "Hey" A small frown began to dance on her lips." Whats so funny?" 
    " Doesn't matter" We replied in unison. A sudden guilt hit me, I never really realized how much we left her out when we were bantering about something she didn't know about.
    "Sorry, it's not even that funny. We were just reminiscing." She smiled awkwardly at us both and lowered the tray to the coffee table. We reached for the glasses and she tucked into her wraps. We sat and talked until half 12 when ... What was a good nickname for Valerie but wasn't overly obvious, Perry! Yes, definitely, that was what I was going to call her. Well she looked at the watch on her wrist, I had bought her it for her 15 birthday and had the gold under the face inscribed with ' two halves of one soul, always and forever '. Her eyes almost came out of her head
    "I have to go to bed, I've got a test tomorrow, I need rest or I'm gonna fail! "
    "Since When do YOU fail at anything." I shouted to her as she marched up the stairs. 
    Jezzie and I talked for around a half hour more and when we parted she told me to sleep in what was usually Melody's room until we could sort something else out. I took the room gratefully considering I hadn't slept in any sort of bed for what was almost a week. I told her we would decide on how to carry on tomorrow. Then we left with  hug to our rooms. 
    I undressed and let my mind wonder about how we would go on, I layed on the bed and waited for sleep to take me.
    Finally, it did. 


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