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One week. 4  (Valeries (P.O.V)

    I was rocking out to ' On the floor' J low when I slipped my arm past the shower curtain to grab my towel, wrapped it round under my arms and slapped the curtain back. There was a someone stood leaning casually against the sink,
    " Not the best singing I've ever heard, I must admit." I instantly snapped into fight mode, all I knew is he was I threat I didn't recognize. I jumped out of the shower, crossed the room and threw a punch that I aimed for his jaw bone. I landed it perfectly, sending him across the room, flying onto the toilet seat, head back. 
    Male, fair hair, tan skin. Vampire. He had come here, into my house, my bathroom no less knowing he would be attacked yet he hadn't fought back. This made absolutely no sense.
    His head came round slowly and with a groan he lifted his hand to stroke his now bruised jaw bone.
    " Now is that anyway to great your dear uncle." What? Did I hear him right, did he just say uncle. I stood over him and studied him more closely. Oh my god. I'd just punched my uncle. I jumped back astonished at my presumption, how had I not been able to distinguish my uncle, whom I'd known for most of my life, from any old soldier. I staggered back, he smiled,
    "What are you talking about, you should have bowed by now, your in the presence of a princess." I did a pirouette and pulled him up, "Sorry about that, we can't be to careful, besides you've changed. A lot." We hugged briefly and I shouted for Seth to get out of bed. "Hurry up!" I said. "We've a visitor."
He stepped out of his room in his pale blue and titanium white pajama bottoms rubbing his sleep filled eyes.
"What are you talking about. Its six in the morning, you shouldn't be talking at all at this time of the morning." his face lit up at the sight of uncle Oswald, who looked quite surprised as well, he was another of my fathers siblings. They all looked much older than he did as he hadn't turned any of them for around four decades after he had made the transformation himself. The process to turn someone into vampires is sick. You have to drain them until there is only a few drops of blood left in their system then feed them your own blood until your half drained yourself. 
I smirked at my brother who now felt incredibly stupid for coming out of his room half dressed complaining about how I had woken him. 'What the hell Perry, now I look pathetic. Why is here?' he sent to my mind.
'What are you talking about! How do you think I feel, he was in the bathroom when i got out of the shower. Im the one wearing a towel and i'm the one  with wet hair.' He had an awfully good point though, why was he here and more importantly how had he found us? I shook my head at my brother and mentally passed on my other question.
"What are you two talking about, it would be nice to actually speak some things out loud."  Interjected our third party, I'd almost forgotten he was here, I was concentrating too much on my brothers piercing stare.
"Oh, nothing. Have you eaten recently? We have blood bags down stairs your welcome to one." I hoped I didn't look as embarrassed as I felt.
"That would be very nice, should I lead the way?" he asked as he pointed at the stairs. I shook my head, very sharply. Not a good idea.
"I'm pretty sure Jezzie would try some Vudu on you if you just waltzed in the kitchen. And if that didn't work I'm pretty sure she would land a few good kicks in on you, maybe even try to bite you." I giggled but I was dead serious, I had no doubt our friends could defend themselves pretty well if they needed to. 
    I led the way to the dining room and we all sat down after I explained to Jez for the fourth time he wasn't going to attack us. 
     "Not that we rant happy to see you uncle Ozzy, but why at you here. How did you even find us? This is pretty far of the radar." asked Seth in between bites of his toast. 
     "I wondered when you were going to ask me that, I was told you were on high alert at all times down here, and well to tell the truth you don't really seem to be. Well other than my niece here, she did give me a pretty fierce punch, within the first few seconds of seeing me." He rubbed his jaw again and glanced at me when he said the last bit, I lowered my head, embarrassed again. "Don't worry honey, I'm glad you did, your reflexs were quite away above except able." He winked at me and I was glad he saw it like that, he could have taken that the complete opposite way I was so relieved he hadn't. Anyway, back on task. 
    "Who told you we were on high alert?" I was beginning to get suspicious, I wondered if I should have tied him up when I had the chance.
     "My sister of course, I thought you knew. She sent me down here to pass a message."
    "Thelma?"  Jezzie asked, finally becoming part of the conversation. Ozzy nodded and we all relaxed considerably, why had Thelma sent HIM, no offense but me or Seth hadn't told him anything about our situation. As a matter of fact we hadn't told him anything in years, he had been off grid for almost a decade, we always had wondered what had happened to him, but we had always suspected that he and Auntie had stayed in touch with each other. They were always close, even as humans, almost as close as Seth and I.
    Turning to look at the clock I saw it read seven fifteen, oh crap, SCHOOL! 
    " Hate to break up this party but I really would like to get out this towel, besides I have to get ready" Seth really needed to as well, as normal Jezzie was showing us up as she was already washed and dressed, I imagined she had been for some time now judging by the washing on the line that hadn't even been in the machine the night before. "Why don't you tell Jezzie some things about her heritage, she's been trying to trace her family tree, but well I didn't get to meet any of them properly. Cadence told me you were close with them....." My father never associated with witches, he believed they were all second best because he had known the first ever witch. I think she still visited him in spirit when she got the chance but I wouldn't be surprised if Father didn't even like her now. 
Jezzie got very excited  about my proposal and began begging my uncle to tell her about her ancestry. His face portrayed the dilemma in his mind, I knew he was deliberating with himself if he should leave anything out that might upset or majorly insult her, his decision was made, his face changing to resolution and he began to indulge her with the facts she had spent her life searching for. 
    Seth and I walked upstairs and I made a gesture for him to follow me to my room we leaned over to my desk and I wrote on a post-it;
'Meet me in the square at twelve-thirty, don't tell anybody.' He nodded swiftly and walked out of my room, down the hall and into melody's.
    I got dressed for school and after re-reading a chapter of my physics book, made my way downstairs. Neither Jezzie nor Ozzy acknowledged me so I continued my way through the house and into the den.    
    There,  Melody sat, knitting, of all things on the couch. She was a picture of loveliness, with her long wavy blond hair resting over her shoulders. When she looked up I saw her full beauty, her rosy cheeks and eyes the colour of a clear summer sky. She always had a glow around her when she left the water and came to visit, she shone like the first star in the night sky. She made me so jealous sometimes. 
"Melody!" I sprang towards her and wrapped my arms tightly around her upper torso. "Guess who's here?" I teased. 
"Well my first guess would be the guy sat in the dining room, distracting Jezzie enough not to notice me?" Oh yeah, she had missed a lot, well that's what you get when you dont show your face for a whole week.
"That's our uncle. Yeah not so exciting but... there is someone else!" I paused for dramatic effect. "SETH" I don't think I've ever seen her so surprised, her eyes almost bulged out of her pretty little head.
" Where?!" At that moment Seth ran into the room, arms outstretched ready to embrace Melody. She took him up on his offer just as eagerly as he had given it and they hugged of few moments until Jezzie and Uncle oswald came in.
"Hey! Not fair. I didn't get that kind of welcome!" Jezzie whined, making everyone laugh. For the third time, and final time I hoped, since Seth had arrived we all sat down and talked about, well nothing really, we just talked like we used to before this whole kerfuffle occurred. 
    "So then uncle, what's this important message aunt Thelma thought was so important that she had to send you for, no offense." I was on fire, for the second time I had almost seriously offended him, and twice in one day as well.
    "None taken dear, and well I'm not sure how your goin to take this Seth." he turned from facing to me to looking brother straight into his eyes. Great, this isn't going anywhere good. "Well... Thelma has been with Lily for quite some time now," He winced at the mention of her name. "and well apparently all she ever talks about is when will she see you again. And, in a nutshell, well she's coming." Seth had been smiling sweetly until this point, outrage suddenly dominated all of his features.  Little did we know it could get worse. "They'll be here by the end of the week."
Oh. No.

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