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Heyy, so I had a comment saying it was long and yeah I know but please keep reading anyway! Im hoping I can keep going with this for as long as possible or at least until I think it's finished. I'm just posting it online for advice on things you think I could improve on or character ideas...... I really appreciate your help, so thank you! :D
Here comes chapter five...

'One in-law's enough'. 5  (Lily's P.O.V)

    'I was standing all alone in a blossoming poppy field, surrounded by life.'
    I was sick of this dream, recurring every night, it was getting really old. It did give me the advantage though, I could do the things that happened every time quicker leaving me more time to add to my dreams. I set to. 
    'Spinning unnaturally fast, to face the beautiful golden ball that sat in the sky above the ocean. In the sunlight, on the other side of the field I could see a figure gazing off into the horizon. I new instantaneously it was Seth, my Seth and that he would be waiting for me. The silhouette turned to face me and I took in his beautiful face. His milky eyes looked into mine and I swear they could see right into my soul. I smiled at him lovingly and he returned my affection with the same smile. I'm not sure how much time passed, we bot just stood admiring one another. We began to walk towards the other, wanting to be able told hold him again, I had no reason to believe his intentions would be any different. Our paces started to pick up and we were eventually jogging to meet each other. '
    "Lily. Come on honey you need to wake up, we need to leave. Lily!"  The voice became more and more antagonized with every word. I wanted to punch them, who dared take away  my time with Seth, even if it wasn't actually him. 
    Gradually the events of the passed days came back to me. We, me and Thelma, had been staying in a remote town on the outskirts of brazil for around a month when some guy followed me home. I was aware of his presence the hole time and was examining him closely to see what race he belonged to, something I had been trained to do for situations just like this. From the way he walked, very smoothly, I would have definitely said he was vampire but from the scars on his face confused me. If he was vampire, they would have heeled, right? I'd continued walking home but slightly faster, taking a few detours, I hoped I could have lost him. And I thought I had, that was until I got back to the house. The house was averaged sized, as normal as you could get really, it belonged to Thelma's brother anther member of Seth's family, gosh it was getting to big. I had told the both of them what had happened, they were both extremely suspicious but just as confuse as me about the scars. Later that night, three men had jumped through the front window and pounced on us. One was the guy who had followed me home, I now had no doubt he was Vampire. Thelma and Oswald had fought them off, not killed any of them but seriously injured two of the three, forcing them to retreat. I seriously hated my soon to be father in-law, I thanked god he wasn't married, one was quite enough thank you very much.
    After Oswald had witnessed my little stalker he could identify his straight away. It was Morkesh. A very famous vampire assassin and he was kicking himself that he hadn't been able to tell us who he was by my earlier description. He said we were lucky to escape and he thought the only reason we had was because he hadn't been expecting him to be present, apparently they had history. With all this new information we had no choice but to leave , we couldn't have Seth's father knowing where we were. Again.
    "What?" I mumbled groggily "Why, what's happened." I staggered as I tried to stand. After a brief examination of the room I regained focus and looked at Thelma, who was sitting on the edge of my bed, frantic. I was so confused I couldn't find a problem with our surroundings but obviously there was something I was missing, I waited for her to answer my queries. 
    She didn't. After a few moments she just stood up and told me to get dressed. I did as she said, grabbing my clothes from the small burgundy rucksack I had been allowed to bring, I moved into the bathroom. I quickly but thoroughly washed my face, and thought, who knows how long it's gonna be until I get the chance to wash it again. I then went to reach for my toothbrush but quickly realized I'd forgotten to pack it in the haste after the attack. Cursing mentally, I slipped on my leggings and pulled my top over my head. After I looked in the mirror at my excuse for hair, we would definitely have to stop soon for toiletries, it was begging to be brushed. Walking out of the bathroom I asked ,
    " So what's so important I had to get dressed at..." I looked to the bedside for the clock and my jaw dropped when I saw the time, " FOUR THIRTY. Are you actually kidding me!" Thelma chucked under her breath and looked at me like she was trying to explain something to a toddler.
"We just have to leave, I want to get moving before the traffic starts up and theirs a few things we need to do today, one of them is shop." She said the last part with a sly smile and made a subtle gesture to my hair. I must admit she was right, we did need to shop. I needed another pack of hair dye in another different colour, to set of my general appearance, coloured contacts for the same reason, a brush definitely a brush, a tooth brush and some clothes since neither of us had had time to pack properly. I sighed in defeat and she perked up a bit more, at least someone was happy.
    After packing our few possessions we walked down to reception and asked for the bill so we could check out. A new thought exploded into my head.
    "Wait! Where's Oswald, I haven't seen him since you were in the car lot last night." she looked panicked at my tone but she quickly calmed down and smiled once she knew the reason for it. I felt foolish now, like the child she had looked like she was talking to minutes ago. She was like sixty times my age, why would she, someone with a memory I couldn't fault, forget her own brother. Dur!
     I tried to avoid eye contact with her after that, looking very sheepish but by the time we were on the highway I couldn't hold in my curiosity any longer,
    "So where is Oswald?" I thought back to the phrase curiosity killed the cat and I knew my need to know things could be a big problem, I'd have to learn to control It.
    "I sent him to Valerie's, that's where we're heading."She smiled sweetly, remembering her niece, they never used to go a day with out seeing each other, I felt bad being the reason they couldn't now. After a few more seconds I regained my previous state of emotions, I really would love to Valerie, she had been my best friend at my old school. That was where I had met set, we were English partners and later found out Science too. They almost had sent been able to enroll, their father thought they were to good for human school he said it was like if he went and stayed in a peasants house. "Oh yeah, don't call her Valerie call her Perry or another nickname." What? Why not, its her name? Whatever, if Thelma thought it was important then I would do it, so i just nodded along. Just like Seth told me to, I smiled absentmindedly at that memory. I craved seeing him again, I didn't want it. I needed it, needed him, the man I would give up everything for.
    What are you thinking that for, lily! I screamed mentally at myself, I didn't need to be thinking about him it just made things twice as bad, I scanned my brain for something else to think about. 
    Valerie. I really hoped we would be friends again, I knew she wouldn't forget out friendship. She was a lot like her father from what I'd heard about him, strong, passionate, outgoing. Her father had the wrong motives though, Valerie put everything she had into the things and people she cared about, I supposed he did to. I guess they just cared abut different things, him being a interfering little airhead and her being a single of all that was good in my world, other than Seth. 
    I remembered this time when we were in the school cafeteria and I slipped on some juice Helen had spilled for exactly that reason, Helen was one of the most popular girls at school and she couldn't find anything better to do than plague my life. Anyway, Val stormed across the room to where her and her friends had been laughing at me, her face looked like thunder and I knew these girls were going to pay. I didn't know anyone in this school that wasn't scared of Perry, other than me and sometimes that wasn't even true. She stepped in front of me protectively and tapped Helen on the shoulder, all of the girls turned our way looking confused. Val tilted her head at Helen and gave her an evil smirk, she then leaned toward her and centimeters away from her face very slyly said,
    "Don't ever do that again, 'Kay?" Helen nodded quickly obviously immensely afraid, it was hard to believe it was the same girl that merely moments ago was bursting with confidence. Val stood up straight again and with one hand on her hip, flipped Helens tray at her, smothering in tomato pasta. My mouth opened wider than I would have thought possible, did she actually just do that. With a victory smirk my best friend spun on her heals to face me, she winked at me and leaned down to help me up. I loved this girl she was like my own badass guardian angel. We moseyed on over to our table and laughed for what must have been a quarter of an hour.
    Once my mind was back in the car I asked Thelma,
"Where is she?" 
"A small town somewhere in the US, Oswald is telling her we are coming, and we will be there In a few days unless I hear otherwise." my mouth formed a perfect 'O' and taking her eyes of the road smiled at me. We didn't talk for a while after that, I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I felt was Thelma shaking my arm and telling me to get out. I did as she asked me reflexively and found myself stood in front of a large, modern, glass supermarket. Toothbrush, here we come! 
   We looked around the store making light smalltalk, putting the odd thing in the trolley and making jokes about my bad hair day, actually I take that back, my bad hair week. We were pacing down the canned food aisle when Aunties, I called her that sometimes, cellphone vibrated. Looking at the screen for caller ID she quickly saw it was Oswald and answered a very hushed voice that I, even though stood next to her couldn't hear, then again I was just a human. I continued down towards the plum tomatoes to let her have her space, she caught up just as I was about to go to the till.
"I have news." She teased as she danced around me and the shopping, I gave her a warning look. "You'll have to guess!" I flung my head back and stroked my chin, I would play along for now.

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