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I still don't have a name for my book but please let me know any of your suggestions, it would be a big help! Here's the next chapter.....

Chapter 2

Disobeyed orders. 2 

"Should have known better than to call you just a girl. That is one thing you've never been,"  Seth mumbled in his first few moments of conciseness " but did you honestly have to nut me that hard, Valerie?" I gasped at the last word. No one had called me that sinse we had fallen, it was what my father had named me, when he rejected us I had rejected the name he had chosen for me. My name meant power, it was the one thing I didn't want. Seth meant appointed , my father had chosen this because a year ago Seth would have been the one to take over and ruled our people if anything had happened to my father. (A situation that was very unlikely of happening.) I had later discovered Seth was also the name of the god of chaos which certainly applied to him. He was rarely ever organised.
"Don't call me that!  Never call me that ever again!" My mind was racing, why would he do this, he knew how much I hated my name. The meaning behind it was just a reminder that father only ever had us do anything for his own needs, that I was his power and he could weild me like a sword. Not anymore. Never would I stoop to that again.
" I'm sorry...." thought consumed him " errrr if i cant call you by your name, what the hell do i call you?" he smiled at his attempt of a joke but soon changed his expression when he realised mine hadnt changed. "Right that's not the point is it? I'm so sorry, I should have thought, forgive me?" after an over theatrical sigh,  he gave me a playful pout that made him look like a puppy dog and at that I could help but let out a small titter of laughter. He knew me far to well. I gave a small nod and he snapped out of the pout and into a smile that highlighted the rosiness of his cheeks and his perfect teeth, in the skylight that came down from the ceiling, he looked so human."You gonna release me then? This stuff round my wrist hurts. What is it?" I skipped over the chair I had bound him to and scowled at him, jokingly
"You're not the only ones with tricks ,ya know?"I said as I undid the knots, he got up from the chair and looked at his wrists. He started rubbing the profusely then massaged the red marks they had left behind on his skin. Lucky beggar, they'll be healed in a few minutes.
"No, seriously what is that? They could be undoubtedly  useful." I walked across the hall from where we had been in the kitchen and plonked myself on our brown leather sofa, it was covered in a beige sheepskin making it extra comfy and couldn't help but make a small moaning sound. He had no idea how much he had just turned everything upside down. 
"Melody, Jezzie and I have been working on ways of spelling natural objects. Wood hurts us on its own, so we thought we would start with that and well unless it's a stake wood wasn't very helpfully 'cause we couldn't bend it. But then when Mel thought about it, she realised with her power she could pull out the centre core of a tree, and well that was manageable. So after that jezzie found a way to spell it so it was even stronger than usual making it unbreakable. Well unless your a witch that is, and even then it would take some time." I winked at him. "Impressive huh?"
"Very" When I turned to look at him, he was studying the bark and did actually look impressed and  i swear he was proud of me. That made my smile grow again. "Anyway where are those two, I missed them." I bit my lip,  I had been hoping very much he wouldn't ask that question. " What....." I don't think he had any idea what was coming next.
" ermmmm well Jezzy is at her boyfriends, Adam, I think you would like him he's into self defence." I stopped hoping he wouldn't ask about melody but sadly,
" And melody?" Dang it.
"Melody. You might want to sit down, your not going to like what I'm about to say." He  traipsed over and  slowly sat down next to me with a look that said he knew something like this was coming, nothing is ever this good. I just think he wasn't sure exactly what it would be. " Melody has been spending a lot of time in the water." he opened his mouth to argue, I could see the anger in his features, so I put my hand over his mouth and thought back to when he'd had to go. It was one of the only thing he had asked me to do while he was away ;  " don't let her go back to the water, it will consume her." he had said it to me so many times before. Melody being an elemental meant she could use the forces of nature at her will. She had given up her life to come with me and Seth as had jezzie but the consequences were beginning to become a problem. Her natural form as a water elemental left her always wanting to return to her water, we left the choice to her and she said it was worth it to help us, she'd had to persuade us but now I could never thank her enough for her actions. However, since we had been trying to make new weapons we could use if my father sent someone looking for us, we had needed her power at full strength and for that she needed to spent more time in the water. I explained most of this to my stubborn brother with my hand still over his mouth as time went on his features were beginning to soften and by the time I was finished, his anger was pretty much gone. Thank God, he understood why we had done it. 
" If I let go of you do you promise not to shout?" he nodded reluctantly so I cautiously pulled my hand away from his mouth. His frown was very obvious, he definitely did not like the situation, I had guessed as much.
" I understand why you did this, but she needs to come out of the water now, or I'm afraid when she tries to break away again, the pull will be to strong she won't be able to, she won't want to." his frown deepened. Yey just what I needed, another problem.
We sat in silence for a few moments neither of us knowing quite what to say. That was until we heard the door open. At the speed of light we both jumped up and looked at each other, I saw anxiousness in his face that I had no doubt clouded my face as well.  
A breeze came through the doorway carrying the intruders scent, the moment I caught it I immediately relaxed.
" Chill, it's just Jezzie" 
"That you babe, is Mel here, I forgot my sweat......" she turned the corner from the hall and dropped her bags and her jaw went with them. " Perry, exactly how long have I been gone?" I grinned at her joke,  it may not have been very funny but she did lose track of time extremely often and we often took the fun of her for it. Now she was doing it to herself. "Stranger!" she shouted as she jumped at Seth, his eyes went wide with shock and next we knew she had pushed him to the floor in her attempt at a hug.  After re-introductions we all calmed and decided the furniture was probably a better choice to sit on that the floor, seth had been tackled to. We sat together for what must have been hours telling each other what the other had missed and how we had been, we were so engrossed in conversation we almost jumped out of our skin when jezzies cell went off. We all giggled at our foolishness but when jezzies looked at the time on her phone as she went to answer it she shrieked  "ADAM! Damn it I forgot, I only came back for my sweater I'm meant to be meeting his parents to night, but you would show up now wouldn't you?" the question was clearly directed at my brother but we both grinned at her in response at her rambling. She jogged out of the room and answered her phone, explaining to Adam she had gotten tied up and couldn't make it tonight, she finished the call with a final sorry and came back in the room and plonked herself on the been bag.
" So what now?" I asked
" I second that" Jezzie added
" Thats the question with the million dollar answer. Indeed, what now...."  


I welcome all comments from everyone, anything you think could help me. Xoxoxo thank you and pleasekepp reading.

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