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Bound to Happen-Chapter9-Night that changed my life

I got out the shower and dried myself off. I rolled my hair in curlers and started looking through my closet. I finally found the pink dress i was looking for. I smiled. I got out the rest of my outfit. I lotioned up and sprayed some purfume on me. I started on my hair. I did it all curly then parted it. It was cute. I did my makeup simple. Just light shimmy pinks with a splash of dark pink. I smiled. I put on my dress. I made sure i looked okay. I needed to look perfect. Tonight was out 1st date. I smiled. I looked great. I grabbed my coat and just as i did my phone started ringing. Then i heard a knock at the door. My heart was racing. I basically ran down the stairs. I took a deep breathe and answered. He looked amazing as always. I pressed my lips to his slightly before breaking away. "You look amazing." He said looking at me. For the first time i didnt look away. I grabbed his face. "You make me feel beautiful." I said smiling. It looked like he was about to say something but my stomach growled breaking the moment. We laughed and he took my hand. We left and started driving. We drove through the little city of forks. It was beautiful though. We finally reached a little house. It was secluded and it had a dark feeling too it. My heart raced. Sem took my hand and lead me in the house. I walked into a beautiful sight. It was candles and flower petals all over the place. I smiled. I turned to Sem with tears rolling down my face. "Thankyou." I said in a little voice. He picked me up and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back pulling him close. He sat us down and pulled away. He grabbed something and told me to close my eyes. He placed something at my lips. "Pineapple with chocalate." I said smiling. He laughed. "Yes." He said. He pressed his lips back to mine. I pull him closer. I stopped and looked at him. He looked back at me. I smiled suddenly feeling little. He smiled brushed a piece of hair out of my face. "You know your so beautiful Janiece." His cool breathe was blowing lightly on my face making me a little lightheaded. "Thankyou." I said. It was silence as i looked at this beautiful man in front of me. "I'm ready." I said quietly. Sem looked at me and realization hit him. "Janiece are you sure?" He said in a soft tone. "Yes." I said queitly. He looked at me and slowly pressed his lips back to mine. The rest of the night was magical. Sem was mine and i was his.



Okay so Janiece made a big decision. Thanks for reading.

Songs i wrote too-

Christina Aguilera-

Bound to you


Dangerously in love


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Comment by PeanutJazz930 on October 23, 2011 at 10:05pm
Awwee thanks guys!
Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on October 23, 2011 at 4:58am
ha everyone of her blogs deserves a comment!! love ya and love this story!!!!!
Comment by christain towry on October 22, 2011 at 6:17pm
omg ive beenreading your blog and i decided that it was time to complement on ur awsomeness!!! i love your storys keep wrighting for everones sake!!!

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