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Hey guys I hav a major problem. I hav a crush on my best guy friend Stacy. Bt he has a gf. Bt he says he likes me. Bt hes lied to me b4. Wat do I do???

Thnx in advance,

PS. If u wnt the whole story send me a message.

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Comment by ♥☺♥C.3.C♥☺♥ on July 3, 2009 at 11:19am
yea true bt the only prob is, im not the prettiest crayon in the box. && most of the guys think iim ugly. :(
bt i can def. crush on sm1 else. lol
Comment by Kat on July 3, 2009 at 11:05am
Guys are stupid. They will lie, cheat & steal to try & mess with you...
Your best bet is to crush on someone who is single, doesn't lie to you & actually wants you. Don't waste your time on someone like this guys. You're only a teenager once. Have fun!
Comment by ♥☺♥C.3.C♥☺♥ on July 3, 2009 at 10:36am
wow tht snds i lot like my prob. lol
tht makes sence. thnx
Comment by Emma on July 3, 2009 at 1:35am
Hmmm ok this is the thing. Something like that happened to me, but he wasnt my bestfriend. Everytime I went to my bestfriend's house there he was (he is her cousin) so we talked and everything. The thing is I started to like him (he had a girlfriend). Each time I saw him I liked him MORE, and to make it worse he acted like he had a crush on me or something. So the both of us went more and more to my friend's house, my little crush was already REALLY big.
Then for new year his girlfriend went on a trip with her family and he spent new year in my friend's beach house (where we also were). I was exited but at the same time not expecting too much, because even though he seemed interested he had a gf! The thing is he acted the entire weekend like he liked me (more than EVER) he huged me and many other things (even everyone else could tell). I was like DYING from happines thinking his feelings for me were going to grow and he would end up breaking up with his gf and start going out with me or something. I thought it was a matter of time, but it wasnt.
He obviously didnt break up with his girlfriend (why would he end a long time relationship for someone who he only had a crush on?) and a friend told me something really intelligent. If he really liked me that much, then he woulndnt be with his gf and would be with me. That is when I realized he was right and that I needed to forget him.

So if he is still with his gf and not with you is because he prefers her (I know it sounds mean but its the truth). Try to let it go, I would just try to be friends (who wants to loose her bestfriend right?) and you will eventually get over him or he will realize he likes you and not his gf. For now try to forget him.
Comment by ♥☺♥C.3.C♥☺♥ on July 2, 2009 at 11:35pm
wen i was tlking to Satcy one nite i asked him y he liked me && he tld me to go look up the song Girl Who Understands Me by Joey Page. u have to listen to it. its sooo sweet. lol
Comment by ♥☺♥C.3.C♥☺♥ on July 2, 2009 at 11:17pm
mi life is a tragic mess. lol
Comment by ♥☺♥C.3.C♥☺♥ on July 2, 2009 at 11:04pm
mkay its rather long bt here it is......
Stacy & I have ben best friends for a yr. & he has a gf & i dnt hav a bf. (obviously). & i have known tht he has had a gf for sum time, bt until recently i dnt care. bt then i started to like him as mor than "just a friend". We started txting & it was all great cuz he dnt kno. then i wnted him to kno so i tld my friend to tell him 4 me. & she tld him. our friendship nevr changed. it was the same as it had always been. then the skewl found out & it wsnt a big deal bt evr1 seemed to think he liked me 2. soo 1 nite wen mi friend was spending the nite at mi house, we called him. & we asked him if he liked me. it took FOREVER for him to finally say tht he did like me. bt then i realized he still has a gf. && i started getting really pissed off cuz if he liked me he was supposed to break up with her. RIGHT?? bt he still hasnt & lately he hasnt had alot of time to tlk. & he has lied to me. about really stupid things. & he is still going out with his gf. & i hav almost had enuf. i am so sick of bein in the middle of it and he isnt doing nething about it. i jus wish tht he wuld break up with his gf, bt tht doesnt look like it will happen. && the thing tht sux the most is the Stacy & I are in the same grade, bt his gf is a yr ahead of us & nxt yr me & Satcy will be Freshmen in HS & his gf will be a Sophmore in HS. & it wuldnt b tht bad bt we will all be in the same skewl & i dnt think i culd handle tht. i mean she dnt even kno i like him. bt there isnt ne thing i can do.
Bt if ne1 has ne advice or nething, send me a message or post a comment.

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