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The movie opens with amazing images all freezing to ice and vice versa. The blood flows into Bella's eyes and she sees for the first time as a vampire. Then she sees her Edward. It was cute when she was a little too strong for him. It was such fun to see Edward in a proud light instead of such restraint, smiling when she throttles Jacob after learning he had imprinted on Renesmee, arm wrestling with Emmett. Their little cottage was perfect in the woods and when they entered the bedroom and Edward started kissing her neck and she tossed him on the bed and they became true lovers. This part was so beautiful seeing Edward and Bella in such rapture and love and I loved the shot of just Bella with all the sparkles around and the music showing her climax. Bill Condon captured all my images as I was reading the book. All the vampires from around the world added interest to the finale. Dracula 1 and 2 as Jacob called them were enchanting. I fell in love with Garrette with his sexy voice, tallness and vampiric good looks. He would be fun to see in a spinoff with the rest of the Danali clan, even though he was a blood drinking vampire. Bella's shield was so easy to accept in the film. It was hard to imagine in the pages of the book but once again Bill Condon and special effects did it so right. When Jacob phased in front of Charlie while reading the book I always thought this was strange, but in the movie it was just hilarious. I always wondered about Charlie's response to Bella after she turned would be and it was so sweet in the movie when he hugged her and he knew she was different but asked no questiong because it was on a need to know basis. The finale was as epic as every one had said. WOW. I fell hook line and sinker to what was happening and was absolutely shocked at the twist. I did shed a few tears when Jane got her hooks into Seth and his sister howled which alerted Jacob. I just wanted to say that everyone involved with the final movie did an awsome job staying with the book. I loved the touch at the end showing all the past players from all the twilights and the pages of the book flipping showing words and phrases describing the main characters. Loved it Loved it and will see a third time. Maybe I will have more to say. Kristin Stewart was the most beautiful vampire and now I can put this to rest, because it is complete now that they will have forever together. Thank you Stephani Meyer for the most beautiful words, Rob, Jacob and Kristin for making these literary characters come to life, Bill Condon for the most powerful final look at the most welcomed love story of all time.

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