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I've been bord and reding up on things that have to do with the Twilight series. i came across the issue with Breking Dawn, even though theres no date for the screening(or whatever you'd like to call it.)or at least from what I know of, but anyways, some things I've read said that they were debating wheather or not Breaking Dawn should be one movie or two. Honestly I'd like them to make it into two movies that way they can put everything in the book on the screen for us as fans of the book and the moives to enjoy it more. :) In mean I wouldn't even mind if they split the movie to have it like the book sorta and have Jacob's point of veiw then like the next movie have it back to Bella's view. The only thing is that if there gonna do they need to do it and hit it! But we'll have to wait to see how all of it turns out

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