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So, because I'm bored and people always seem to be making threads about how great Breaking Dawn is, I decided to make a blog about all the things I felt went wrong. I was disappointed in Breaking Dawn. I fell in love with the other three books and they just continued to get better and better, so I was expecting an amazing conclusion to this story that I love so much. But, I ended up being upset with the outcome. And it never even felt like a conclusion to the saga. Maybe my expectations were too high. But Breaking Dawn just wasn't the book I was hoping for.

In my opinion, the following are the reasons I dislike, maybe even hate, Breaking Dawn.

It felt rushed. It felt rushed, and yet it was still boring at times.

Way too much going on. So many unfinished and unnecessary thing were tossed into the book. Gosh, I felt like nothing came to an end. It was just one after the other and nothing came to a conclusion. Thats why the book didn't feel finished to me. What happened to Leah, is she going to get her happy ending? What happens with the two packs? Is Jake going to leave with the Cullens and abandon his pack? And thats just a few I have in mind.

Everyone was out of character. Most of the book, Edward wasn't Edward. Alice wasn't her usual perky self. Jacob was full of hate. We barley got any of the other Cullens. They didn't even seem like the same people.

The book was so depressing! Almost all of the characters that I care for were in either physical or emotional pain. I don't want to read about everyone hurting.

I felt like the passion between Edward and Bella was no longer there. Bella seemed more interested in Nessie while Edward seemed more interested in Bella.

I don't like Nessies existence. Sorry, I have nothing against the kid, because she the perfect little angel, but I don't like the fact that she happened in the first place. Also, everyone is all gaga over Nessie, when there is no reason for it. She has no personality!

The fight I was so pumped up for never happened. Yeah, that was so much fun. The Volturi came and they talked. Wow! :/ I'm happy no one was hurt, because that would have sucked, but I would still have loved a fight.

Bella gets everything that she was suppose to be giving up for immortality.Bella gets to keep everything. Shes even able to have a child. Which she never really even crossed her mind. Except when she saw her life with Jacob. That is what she was suppose to miss, that was what she sacrificed to be with Edward forever... and yet, she still gets it all. Staying with Jacob and having children and a happy life with Charlie and Renee is what Jacob had to offer her, and that is what Edward could not give Bella. I thought that was the whole point of the love triangle, she truly realizes what she will be giving up if she chose Edward. But she gets it anyway!

I thought that we were going to get Bella as a new born vampire, but really we didn't. I thought that would be an interesting conflicte and then, Nope. Nothing. Shes special! She doesn't lust for human blood like every other vampire, no, Bella is too good for that. She is the only new born to be able to resist blood and control herself. We could have at least had that for some action, but once again we get ready for something that is just going to be easily resovled.

I dont like Jacob imprinting on Nessie. I think Jacob should have ended up with Leah. I mean, of course Jacob deserves his happy ending, but with his ex loves, half vampire, half human, personality-less, daughter? He doesnt deserve that. Poor Jake ends up with the worse situation yet again.

The only good that came from Breaking Dawn was the happy ending. Bella gets Edward and they spend forever together. And Jacob doesnt have to die. Thats the only thing I liked.

These are the reasons why I feel Breaking Dawn was a horrible book when compared to the other three books. And I seem to think of more everyday. Sometimes I think I am being too harsh or critical with Breaking Dawn, and the second time I read it I really tried to love it as much as the other three, but I was unable to do it. Breaking Dawn was just a big downfall from the other three. I know there are many people who love Breaking Dawn and feel it is the best book of them all, but I strongly disagree. I wish things had turned out so differently...

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Comment by Hannah ♥ on August 13, 2010 at 10:44pm
*nods* I'm an anti (obviously). But I totally agree!!! <3
Comment by heartbrokensoul on April 2, 2010 at 1:05pm
I do agree with you Lynette. Breaking Dawn was disappointing,i think the story was okay but it didn't feel like those were the characters i fell in love with,they were completely out of character,i agree with what you have said.Breaking dawn was my least favorite in series but there was parts i did like.My favorite book in the saga has to be Midnight Sun even if its not yet to be finished and published it has to be the best that Stephine Meyer has written.
Comment by ღNikkikate94ღ on January 16, 2010 at 9:45pm
I was in love with breaking dawn. My expectations were very high too, but edward and bella having a baby was a real shocker, didn't see that coming. Maybe you didn't want the book to end :) lol i know i didn't. I was very said when i finished all the books.

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