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Breaking Dawn being split into two movies? :)

A lot of Twilight fans are upset about Breaking Dawn being split into two movies.

But here are some of my reasons why it's probably a good idea;

Paying for two movies instead of one long one would bring a lot more revenue Meyer's way and I think we should give her that much since she's given us a lot.

Two films instead of one could quite possibly make the Twilight Saga the biggest franchise in Hollywood, and I personally wouldn't mind paying to watch two films and waiting for each to come out, if I could possibly contribute to making the Twilight Saga reach that achievement.

If like me you really don't want the Twilight Saga to end, the making and releasing of two films will make the process longer, therefore prolonging the Twilight Saga - and I'm all for that!

So, there's my reasons.

Comment if you agree, or even if you dont :)

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