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Edward will you stop worry nessie will be fine. Bella i cant stop worrying i keep thinking that she wont make it that she wont be as lucky as you were. dad ill be (phant) fine. jake sit here with nessie. ok bella. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! nessie whats wrong!?


hours latter

carlilse how is she? calm down jacob nessie is fine. and so is your new daughter. we have a baby girl!? but alice said it would be a boy. jake. what is it nessie.? alice has been wrong before. alright. so are you ready to go home. dont you think that we should give her a name first. oh yeah. so jakewhat do you think we should name her. i dont know what do you think nessie. how about jessabell marry black. great idea nessie. good night nessie,goodnight jessabell.

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Comment by jessica lilly cullen on December 2, 2012 at 1:58pm

nessie wake up we need to go now! why do we need to leave jake. do you rember when the volturi came after you because i dont know how but they found out about jessabell. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Alice said that the volturi found out about her but she could not see the how they found out. Bella said we as in your mom dad and us are going to live with tonya and kate for a while. no. nessie w-. i said no i am not running they wanna hurt my baby they are not gonna touch her with out having to go through me.

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