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"Jacob gimme a sec" I said running to the upstairs bathroom. I sat on the cool floor hesitating. Why did I do that? What's happening to me. I can't figure it out.
     "Bella? Are you okay?" Jacob asked. I thought for a moment not to answer so he would go away.
     "You're still there aren't you?" I asked annoyed. I heard a low chuckle. Yup he's there all right. Igot up trying not to fall. I opened the door to see him changed so quickly. I frowned. I knew somewhere in my heart this was wrong.
    "Bell-" He tried to say but I stopped him.
   I sighed, "Jacob I think it is best if you leave. Right now please." I ran downstairs and opened the door to show him the way out. He moaned for a second. I glared at him with my red eyes.
     "Okay, okay I'm going." He said as i growled in my throat.

     I ran upstairs to get dressed. I didn't know what to wear, so I threw on some shorts and a glittery shirt Alice gave me. I heard a knocking downstairs that made me twitch. "OH no." I whispered. Possibly looking through the door to see a tall, firm figure. What if it was Jacob? He was probably trying to convince me to be with him again. "No." I said in anger. I will not open the door, but the knocking got louder."I give up!" I pouted under my breath. "Give me a second!" I threw on some sneakers and once I tried to put my door on the knob, my hair pulled me back. "Ungh!" I moaned. Obiously I had to comb my messy hair. I ran to the door soon finished. I opened the door to see Edward's eyes confused but happy.
     I sighed in relief, "Edward. Why don't you come in?"
  His smile turned into a frown. "Bella? You look sick? Are you feeling okay?"
  I laughed. "Oh Edward? I'm a vampire now! I thought we don't get sick!"
     "Right." He murmured. His fingers ran down my cheek. I moved my hand to the side to let him come in. As soon as he stepped inside I litteraly felt my heart sink. He growled, " It smells like wet mutt!" I gasped turning around. If I weren't a vampire at this very moment, I would have turned rasberry red. I thought for a moment. Maybe I would run upstairs and jump out the window. Before I was even half way up the stairs, his grip stopped me. "Bella, what's going on?" He barked.
      "J-J" I stuttered.
      "What happened in here?" He snapped.
      " Jacob came because Millie had left him."
     He was furious now," Huh! His perfect little Millie left him and thinks he can just use my Bella?" He murmured, "Well not anymore! I've had enough of that mutt!" He ran out the door and started running.
       "Wait!" I yelled. I ran after him, hoping I was faster. With a huge leap in the air, I fell on top of him.
       "Ow." He groaned and then chuckled. "Bella you're strong. And fast!" I smiled looking at my feet, helping him up. "Not to be rude Edward but why do you care if he touched me?" He hesitated for a moment. Then he looked up into my now yellow eyes. "Your yellow eyes represtent that you are confused."
         "Edward!" I snapped.
         "Why do you care if he touched me? Don't change the subject."
     He groaned, " Because. I love you Bella."
     I gasped when he pulled me torward him. He pressed his lips onto mine. Two tears escaped my eyes. Were they of anger? No. Sadness? No. I found the answer. I was happy. These were happy tears. I was happy that he still had feelings for me. He broke the kiss for a moment and laughed. "What?" I demanded.
       "You're eyes are beautiful purple. It represents....Er..happiness." I smiled twisting my fingers in his hair. This could last for centuries because I was no longer human. No longer did Edward have to hold back, to keep from hurting me. He would let everything he didn't give me before now. For nothing would stop him. Or me.
        " I love you." I whispered in his ear. I heard his breath-taking chuckle.
        "I love you too Bella. And I'm sorry." I pulled away confused. My eyes turned blue. "About what?"
        " For ruining your very special day."
      I shivered at the thought of the wedding. I pulled him forward with my great strength. " It dosen't matter anymore. Let's leave the miserable past behind. Race you back home?" I asked smiling.
      He shrugged. "You'll probably win anyways."
       I smiled. "Ready? Get set- HEY EDWARD!" He had tooken off without a warning. I laughed and caught up with him. Too  bad he was winning, thanks to his little cheating move. We had to jump over a river. I jumped in it and acted like drowning.
    "Bella!" He yelled horrified. When he jumped in I went out running without letting him notice. I heard a growl and Jacob leaped on me. I screamed. My eyes turned into a green color.
    "Bella how dare you?" He growled. " How dare you be with that vampire trash?"
   I tried screaming but he covered my mouth. "Jake get off!" I said kicking everywhere. He realesed my mouth and held my arms forcing me to kiss him. "EDWARD!!!!!" I screamed. He came running, furious with anger.
     " You son of....." Edward threw Jacob off me.

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Comment by Emily Anne Nemtuda on March 18, 2012 at 12:25pm
Right more!!
Comment by cristal jameson on March 11, 2012 at 9:08pm

thats awesome plz write more

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