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It has been a long time since I wrote anything and I saw Breaking Dawn twice today.  Both times were amazing.  The wedding was so beautiful and Bella was so gorgeous.  Her dress was perfect for her and the toasts were filled with humor.  The honeymoon was everything I expected.  Edward was so attentive and protective and to see Bella come out in the negligee and trying to make Edward want to have sex again was precious.  It was like a newlywed couple would behave and Kristin and Robert were mesmerizing in these roles they know so well.  It showed.  Then it turned dark with the problems of pregnancy, wolf fighting and a vampire/human birth.  Bill Condon did a great job directing this final book and the only disappointing thing about all of this is that we have to wait a year for part 2.  The cinema experience was so tense during the transformation of Bella that you had to remind yourself to breath.  Thank you to all connected to this beautiful movie and I hope that it takes many awards.  It is truly deserving.  

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