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Now since I have officially watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 at least 20 times; I will have to resort back to my book and keep the saga alive. It is going to be a long summer but I am really going to enjoy it. Maybe I will pick up some nice keepsakes along the way. I adore all the cast and there is not one bad thing I could say about any of these families. So I will just have to keep a little piece of each of them in my heart over the summer. Always looking forward. I do have 12 plot lines composed just incase Steph decides to keep writing. I have them saved in my docs; just wondering if they will ever see the little of day.... I think it is a very doable project and I don't think the actors are to old for any of the parts. So lets do this thing... I would love to throw my ideas out there and see what she thought... Well I have to go make dinner, but, I wanted to express my feelings today since I never got to leave the house. Happy blogging everyone. I will keep in touch from time to time to see what everyone is up to.

Bye for now



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