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I love Jacob, but I just was wondering how interesting it would sound from Bella's instead of his.

After I got off the phone with Rosalie, he whisked me in his arms and ran to the boat. I didnt speak to afraid that my own voice would give me away, I didnt want him to know what I was planning until I had protection for me and our baby boy. The long ride in the boat, taxi and plane should have put me to sleep, but I was to worried about what would happen if I did. As soon as we reached the gate where his family was waiting for us, I ran straight to Rosalie where she wrapped her hands around me. I knew he was reading her mind to understand why I was in her arms. I was too much of a coward to look him in his face to see the pain I was causing him.

I only talked to Charlie and my mom on the phone, they couldn't come see me because they would definitely notice the belly and realize something weird is going on. Charlie begged to come see me but Carlisle let him know it was too contagious. Most conversations wouldn't last long, I was constantly throwing up I couldn't keep nothing down.

I hated for Edward to see me like this I can tell he was trying to keep the pain he was hurting from me. But I know hims so well it was killing him inside I didn't want to hurt him like this but this is our child and I wasn't going to let him or anybody else hurt him.

Even though I had Edward here I couldn't help but to think about Jacob. Something inside of me just wanted him around. I would call him but I know he wont answer or even call me back. Our last encounter did not end so well, and the situation I'm in now would definitely add fuel to the fire. Jacob did not approve of us having a real honeymoon. Now I'm pregnant with what he hates the most would he ever forgive me. I never understood why he still loved me I kept hurting him over again and now I'm dying to keep the one thing he hates alive. But still I wanted him I need him more than ever.

Edward head looked at the door in that same moment he said "Jacobs Outside."

Carlisle opened the door "Hello, Jacob," As soon as I heard his name I became excited overwhelmed with joy that he would come around a house full of vampires to see me. "How are you?"

"I heard Bella made it back Alive." He said almost as if he didn't believe it. I should have known he would have came to make sure they broke the treaty.

Carlisle responded very politely more than he deserved for that insinuation "Er, Jacob, it's not really the best time. Could we do this later?" I was furious I wanted to see Jacob and now I would be able to.

I couldn't just sit here and let him walk away. With my weak voice I tried to speak "Edward let him in I wanna see him."

"Bella its not a good idea." To my surprise Edward said usually he gives me what I want but I must have push his buttons to far because he want folding on this.

I spoke loud so that Jacob could hear me and just come busting in "Why not? Are we keeping secrets from Jacob, too? What's the point?" I looked at them and Edward just nodded to Carlisle. "Come in please Jacob.

When he finally came into my sight I became so happy, more happy than I should have been with my husband standing right here. In that same moment I felt that same twinge in my stomach I looked at Rose and she had the bucket for me as soon as I hurled right into it. I looked up at Jacob, embarrassed "Sorry bout that." Edward moaned and fell to his knees, I guess he got tired of trying to hold it in. Immediately I felt guilty and put my hands on his cheek to comfort him. Jacob walked slowly to me I must have looked worse than I thought. As soon as he was close to me Rose Hissed. "Rose, don't, its fine" I barley whispered out. She stepped out of his way, though I could tell she hated to do it, because her next move she was crouched at my head ready to spring if he should try anything.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Jacob whispered. He was on his knees leaning over the back of the couch across from where Edward was. "Are you all right?"

"I'm so glad you came to see me today, Jacob." I could tell he was shocked that I was too excited to see him.

"What is it, Bella?" He insisted wrapping my hands tight in his. i didn't answer at first instead I looked around at their faces seeing if they thought I shouldn't tell him. No ones face said other wise, I looked at Rose last "Help me up, Rose?" Rose lips pulled back over her teeth, and she glared at Jacob like she wanted to rip him apart."Please Rose" She made a face but put her arm carefully behind my shoulders to help me stand.

"No" he whispered "Don't get up."

I snapped back a little irradiated that he didn't figure it out already. "I'm answering your question." Rose pulled me off the couch the blanket fell to my feet. My body was swollen, my torso ballooning out. I cradled my stomach so that he could understand that I was pregnant. Jacob was quiet and so was all the room waiting for what he might say next. I wondered to would he snap like he did at my wedding. Would he kill me now, I knew the answer no because he loved me too much to kill me. I knew this had to be killing him, I keep putting myself in harms way. I already can tell what he was thinking, that my baby was killing me sucking the life out of me just like what his father is. Then Edward was on his feet in one swift moment.

"Outside, Jacob." Edward snarled.

Jacob was on his feet before Edward finished saying his name. "Let's do this." Jacob agreed.

I don't know why I tried to move I stumbled forward catching Edward arms saying "No."

"I just need to talk to him, Bella." Edward said in his sweet velvet voice, he reached up to brush my cheek. "Don't strain yourself, please rest. We'll both be back in just a few minutes." He reassured me.

I stared at his face to see if he was lying, he didn't give me a reason to think otherwise, so I responded "Behave." Looking at Jacob because I know he wouldn't but if I laid the law down then he would listen. "And then come back." I looked back at Edward, he walked out the door first Jacob on his heel. When they left for some odd reason I wanted Jacob to come back more than Edward. Even after seeing him I still could not get him off my mind. I still loved Edward, but I just wanted Jacob around more.

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