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I just got back from seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2, And I cried so hard when Carlisle's head got torn off by Aro, I couldn't breath, and was in a state of shock, it felt so surreal. Then when Jasper's also got torn off, I just couldn't believe that Stephanie Meyer could let this happen. Then it all of the sudden went to Alice having a vision, and then I saw everybody not dead, and I was like YES!! I was so excited and happy that Carlisle was still alive well a vampire that's alive. I was still crying when I got home, cuz just thinking of Carlisle dead is just to devasting to think of,, and I was balling and crying for a while. Tell me what part in the movie was the most devasting to you!

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Comment by Cynthia Gale Yngre Waight on November 17, 2012 at 5:54pm

You know I have to agree with you there. I honestly was like torn apart when i seen Carlisle's head in Aro's hand. I was like no way this can't be happening. Then when Seth was killed i was like NOOOOOooo! This is not how it happens. To see Alice's face after Poor Jaspers head ripped off I just thought the worst. A huge sigh of relief when it was just a vision. Although to see Aro's head ripped off was sweet. Over all the Movie was Awesome. I am however truly sad that it is now over. I will never forget and I do mean Never. I own all the books. I will own the last movie when it is out for sale. i will stay connected with this site even though I have not been on for a while. I look forward to more stories that such wonderful minds have come up with on this site. I truly hope that Stephanie Meyers can find it in her heart to continue on.  

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