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Breaking Dawn Part Two review and opinions - SPOILER ALERT.

I repeat, if you do not want spoilers PLEASE do not read this and if you read it anyway I am not responsible for you finding out anything you did not want to know. 

Okay so, I've been following information of the movie since the very very beginning. Honestly, the previews discouraged me. I walked into that theater not thinking I would enjoy it at all. I was not happy at how old they made Renesmee's character, and I was not happy about how they portrayed the ending as being a fight. 

From the second the movie started I was on the verge of tears, and actually, I don't know why. I guess just because of how it's all over now. I don't know I'm not sure. 

They did an AMAZING job. It was almost perfect to the book from beginning to end. I'm so happy with it and it is BY FAR the best twilight movie that has been made. Even if you do not like twilight the movie is amazing through and through. 

The computer generated baby for Renesmee was ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Even though you could tell it wasn't real she was still as cute as could be and I just wanted to snuggle her to death. 

One thing though was I don't think they made it as obvious that they should have that Charlie figured out Renesmee was their child. In the book he knows and loves her to death, in the movie his only hint is. "She has your eyes." This is minor though, and as long as you read the book you know anyways so. 

I know, I know I'm holding back on the main thing behind the whole movie and that EVERYONE is talking about, the ending.

When they all walk out into the field, and Aro says he wants to talk to Renesmee, for some reason the fact Emmett went too as protection made me cry. I love Emmett so much and him being the strongest was just, I don't know that small thing just touched me.

When the "fight" (if you've seen it you understand why I have the quotes) began I was just.. I cried.. So much.. I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to leave the theater right then. I was horrified. Why? Why would they do this? What kind of sick joke is this? Carlisle, Jasper, Seth, Quil. It was awful. I was just bawling and thinking repeatedly, No. This can't happen. No. Don't do this to me. I was just waiting on Jacob to go too, or Edward. When Alice ran at Jane I was scared to death. 

When it all came back to Alice I cried even more because I was sooo happpy. I even still feel like crying just thinking about it. I started clapping at that moment. When she came back I knew it was over, I knew that meant Aro would back off, and actually. Thats what happens in the book! Of course they couldn't just have them stand there, but they answered questions in the book too! Thats a better explanation to why Aro backed off. I am just, sooo happy with it. I love what Alice says to him too. It was just perfect, I cried alot, but it was perfect. 

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