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MTV reported that the Breaking Dawn set in Lapa, Brazil has been vandalised by angry locals. According to the claim, a toilet used by the crew was set on fire due to
protests that the production has disrupted the town. Here’s what they had to say:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn set has been targeted by a group of angry locals in Brazil.

According to Female First, a portable toilet that was used by the film crew was set on fire by protestors, who were annoyed by the disruption shooting had caused.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and co, who are currently filming the fourth installment of the vampire flicks in Rio de Janerio, have apparently outraged residents who have
seen their town turned into a movie set.

The locals are said to have taken action by vandalising the toilet, as well as protesting in the streets to show their anger over the Twilight cast being in town.

Do you think it’s true? So far all the reports coming from Brazil are good and that everyone is happy with how things are going. Is this
just another thing to add to the rumour bank?

**UPDATE** OK guys, I’ve seen some of the pictures posted in the comments and I’ve had a little look around our dear old friend ‘The Internet’. Yes, the article is true, it happened on Sunday AFTER shop owners
and residence who lived in the street
couldn’t get access to their businesses and homes without proof that they lived there. While I don’t condone any type of violence or
vandalism, I can certainly understand why they were angry. And the disruption
the filming had caused.

Along with setting the toilets on fire, the locals have started protesting in the streets to show their anger over the Twilight Saga cast being in town. Wow, they’re really uptight over there. Filming is only supposed to last
five days. You’d think they could just sit tight,let them film,and get outta

Apparently, this all went down in the Lapa,Brazil area where they filmed the kissing scenes. Robert and Kristen have now moved onto the Paraty,Brazil area to film the Isle Esme honeymoon scenes.

As we previously reported, a press conference was called the next day with the president of River Films Sergio Sa Leitao, Breaking Dawn Director Bill Condon and Producer Wyck
Godfrey. Where they ensured that everything was fine and going according to

Please rest assured that everything is fine, Robert and Kristen are perfectly safe. Security is tight and they’re well protected.

I was in shack when I read this I can't believe
that anyone would do this that

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