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I wanted to write a blog. I have plenty of other means to write blogs, so when I write one on here, I try to keep it Twilight-related somewhat. And what other cutting-edge topic can I talk about other than the rather talked-about news of Stephenie's new book?

I will begin by saying I just heard about this about two days ago. I got a trusty email from Borders informing me of a new release by Stephenie Meyer. I, not having been keeping up on my Steph news like the old days, was surprised to hear this. I had figured she was on an "indefinite" leave since the Midnight Sun leak. I had heard that she was very intrigued with the Bree story, and she wanted to develop it more. But never in my wildest dreams (well, that's an overstatement) did I expect her to produce another vampire book with little to no notice.

Well, if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about yet, I'll explain. Some of you are laughing because you knew about this in November or something crazy like that, so congratulations. But for those who have not caught on yet, here's the dish. Stephenie is putting out a new book entitled The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella. It follows the story of Bree (the last remaining newborn vampire in Eclipse) and how she got changed by Victoria up until her untimely death by the Volturi.

It is going to be released on June 5th, for an original price of $13.99. Borders, I know, is discounting the book to $9.44. One dollar from every purchase goes to the American Red Cross.
It is hardcover and 192 pages.

I, however, do not plan to purchase this book. This is because Stephenie has enough money, and so she is allowing the book to be available free online at from June 7th to July 5th. This is where I plan to read it.

Now, enough with the technicalities. Let's break this down.
Personally, I think I will enjoy this book better than I would Midnight Sun. This is because Bree Tanner's story must be a little bit more interesting than Edward's sappy bottle-cap love story. I'll leave it at that in case you haven't read the leaked part that Steph provided on her website after that whole fiasco.
All in all, Bree Tanner's last three weeks of life have to hold my interest better than the first few weeks of Edward going to school and doing the same things that Twilight said he did.

Major concerns:
We know Stephenie loves romance. Will Bree be involved in some sort of meaningless, cardboard, "soulmate" vampire relationship in this story? My unfortunate answer: yes.
Will the plotline be repetitive and overdone? Probably.
Will there be about fifty excess pages? Most definitely.

But, rest assured, I am positive people will still very much enjoy and obsess over this book.
Expect some "Team Bree" T-shirts to start coming out.

Something I am looking forward to: Perhaps Steph will post a new playlist for Bree's story on her website. I adore all of her other playlists, and she even made one for Midnight Sun, so I would be quite disappointed if there wasn't one for this book.

Okay, concerns and pessimistic views aside, I am actually very happy that Stephenie is writing again. She has her haters and her die-hard followers, but she deserves her success no matter how lame her sparkly vampires are. And she has stated that she plans on taking a vampire hiatus and writing about other, better things.
Another gem like The Host, please??

We can only hope. But for the time being, we now have two things to look forward to this June:
Bree Tanner and her story on June 5th (June 7th if you want it for free), and Eclipse, the movie, on June 30th!
More Taylor Lautner in all his shirtless glory, coming your way!

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