The Twilight Saga

Bree's diary

day 1,July 10 2010

I tried to focus on my future but alex and bailey were arguing or which side of the forest was theirs,when it came to hunting two of them would always argue. It was a little easier with riley ..I suppose,there was no arguing and that made it easier to focus but I loved my new family.I was a special human I can see the future of any possible creature.Without having to be or having been the creature it's self."BREE!"I heard bailey screech.Silently I put Othello,my book down and walked into the study."Bree"She growled"Who ends up with the east side of the forest?"She asked not breathing and her teeth cleched together.I crawled into the closest chair and wrapped my arms around my knees and began to zone out I could hear alex tapping his foot impatiently and then my head snapped up ".....Bailey"I said quietly side stepping through the door.As soon as I was out of sight I ran quickly to my room.Was I supposed to be this competitive over hunting when I was a vampire?I took a deep breath.Being a human surronded by vampires was probably the....stupidest thing any human with common sense could think of but being adopted into a family of vampires?It was a completely diffrent ball game.I loved them like family,how could you leave that behind?I sighed and crawled into my position I really didn't want to be prepared for what might happen to me but I had to.I closed my eyes.I was in my room but I was not sleeping.I was staring out the window but I couldn't see my face.And then there was a knock on my door I turned an whispered "come in."My face was beautiful I looked like a goddess."Bree,are you ready to go hunting"The boy asked he looked a year or two older than me.Even before I left the room,My eyes flew open.I sighed out of stress for some apparent reason I can't hold my visions long enough.I'll write later I need to find a way to get the stress off my back

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