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July 16,2010

I've decided I'm gonna change...but I don't know when,Bailey,Bella and jake are choosing the date but alex is against it,since he knows how it feels.There also there choosing who will do it.Alex,nene,nessie won't do it so I have to wait.I don't know what I'm gonna do afterwards,Kristy said I could join the volturi and once I'm in control I could leave.Or they would keep me locked up in the house until I was calm enough to walk on my own and not Expose our race.Who knows,Alex Has been trying to talk me out of it but...I'm afraid of dying,and immortality isn't an easy thing to pass up.Another thing I have to focus on is a......Battle but I have no idea whats going on now all I can do is distract and see the future....I don't know how my distractions will help but I will try my best...I don't understand what will happen but at least I'm prepared.I've always wanted to know what being in the volturi was like.Anyway I have to go.

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