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my previous school was very strict; you can't even bring your cellphones, wear ankle-length socks, wear nail polish, no id no entry, and every rule must be followed or u'll be kicked out. Lucky me, I ALWAYS obey rules...

But now, I'm in a new school where the three rules only exist..

1. You must not turn on electric appliances if NOT necessary.

2. Obey what teachers say!

3. Obey the 10 commandments..

well, some people don't obey. some are antichrists and they make me crazy because they act like vampires, and they look like they're dead because they put TOO MUCH kohl on their eyes and they're hair is like a haystack!

Sometimes, our school's like mini-WARSAW because kids fight (frats like bloods, crips, flip-hop crew et cetera) like animals. I have to mention that students there are minority of adults uh, no, mature pipz, so to say.

NOW, help me pick the best color to paint my nails, bright red, black, violet, pink,??

Bright red makes myfingers look dark..

NOTE: I have olive toned skin, I think....
help me!

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