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Santana giggled as she played with the pom-pom on the top of Brittany's red Santa hat. Brittany smiled fondly and nuzzled into Santana's shoulder. 

"I love yah, Brit-Brit." She said. Santana gazed up at the Christmas tree that they were sitting underneath. The twinkling lights reflected off Brittany's cat-like green eyes and made them sparkle when she looked at Santana. 

"You too, Santy-Bear." Brittany chuckled. Santana didn't particularly like this nickname, but she wouldn't tell Brit. She leaned in and gave her a long kiss. Brittany returned it, making it deeper and smiling on Santana's soft lips. 

Rachel peered at them from across the choir room with little interest. Most of the New Directions had grown used to Santana and Brittany sharing their 'sweet lady kisses' in front of them. 

Brittany lay down, resting her head on Santana's lap. 

"I hope this Christmas is going to be as amazing as the last," Brittany said. Santana stroked her wavy blonde hair gently. She loved Brittany's sweet simplicity.

"I hope so too."

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