The Twilight Saga

Pov- Jennifer

I was looking around trying to get my barings. All I saw was Jeff's room and wondered to my self how I got there. I looked to my left and Jeff was laying beside me and was a sleep. Suddenly I felt this pain shoot right down my throat. "What.. OH!! HELP ME ITS BURNS!!!!!" I screamed and that woke up Jeff. I threw my hands up to grip my throat, feeling something smooth and hard under my hands. I didn't have the time to think enough about that. I was trying to smother the burning sensation in my throat as if choking myself it would ease the burn. I look to Jeff and he is smiling. "HELP ME!!!!!" He look around his room and that is when he sighs and gets up. "I'll be right back love, don't go nowhere." He gets up and moves to the bedside table and gets out a key. I figured it was for the door considering that was the key I had to make for him when he said he needed to get one for his new door. I am just burning on the inside and out. It felt like it was killing me. I try to understand and remember what exactally happend to me, but I could not remember anything but my name and that my parents were dead. Car crash. Happens all the time. I think it was about 7 minutes before Jeff got back. I hear the door open and here is Jeff with a cup of something that smelled so sweet and yet it made my throat burn with a firery ache. Jeff comes back to the bed to me and crawls beside me but he sat up instead of sitting down. "Here, this will make you feel ten times better. Trust me." I stared at him and the only thing I could think of was what was in the cup. I can't tell you now of what was in the cup because the cup was black and had a top on it. I grab it and try to glup it down but the top was in my way so I rip off the top and turn it up-side down and chug it. The second it was turned up, the cup went down. Jeff grabbed it and told me that it was not just for me. "Hey, now,now. Don't be a pig and drink it all. I'd like some too love." I glare at him. "Why in the world did you take that away from me? Can you not see that I am dying of a internal fiery death!!!!?" He only laughs at me and takes a sip of the cup while I stare at him. I finally got the cup and I gluped the rest of it down. Jeff is just chuckling by now. "What? And why am I in your room?" Jeff looks at me and smiles as he reaches for me. I move away from him at a pace that I don't think a plane could even travel. I look at him and the space I just crossed in less than a millia second. It left me a little confused and a little freaked out, because it was a lot of space to me. "Wha.. wha... what just happened?" I never got why he always smiled for. It was cute at first, but then it got old after awhile.  I still didn't get why he was just smiling. "Come here babe, and I'll tell you everything you need to know. I promise. Scouts honor." It always made me laugh and I couldn't hold back the giggle that escaped me. "Fine, but what ever you do, Do not call me babe." He shakes his head. I reluctantly came and sat down with him. "O.K, I want you to tell me everything. Like how I just moved that fast and why whatever was in that cup tasted better than anything I have ever had before and why I have this strange sensation that my insides are on and in a firery hell and.." at that moment Jeff put his hand up to my mouth to shut me up. "Hey, here's how it'll go. You ask a question and I'll give you a answer. Deal?" I shake my head  in agreement. He waves his hand to tell me to go ahead and ask. I proceed. "What happened to me?" He looks right at my face with a deadly stare. "You died." I look at  him like he is crazy. "Right. Yea ,I'll believe that when I am in the dirt with my butt in the air and a sign above my grave telling the world to kiss my butt."  He grimices and tells me, "Its true weather you believe it or not, Jen." I giggle thinking this is one of his jokes. I quickly realize it's not a joke and I quit laughing. "You can't be serious J-J. I know even you think this is false. "So, I'm dead, and your what a angel or a..a..a...something?" he looks at me and with a serious and very honest glare and told me flatly, "Vampire"

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Comment by PeanutJazz930 on October 10, 2011 at 4:28pm
Omg this is so much better than my stories. Awwee Im jealous:( Great Job!

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