The Twilight Saga

pov- Jennifer

I could not belive what Jeff just said to me. Vampire? I at first did not belive what i was told until he told and showed me something that, to me, made my world spin in a different direction. "What, like, a real vampire? The kind that sucks blood and burns in the sun and all that crap?" He looks at me and giggles with delight as if I just made is day. "Yea, I can prove it too. Geuss what I got you to drink?" I looked at him and after a few minutes gave up and shrug my shoulders. "Blood" was all Jeff said to me. I would of laughed at his face had he not been staring at me so seriously. "Umm..." I did not have the words to say what I wanted to say. "Here, look into the cup and see for your self. Careful now cause its fresh." I gave him a puzzled look and did what he asked once he gave me the cup. I looke right down itno the cup and there it was. Dark red liquid, impossiable, but it was true. I look at him and for once was actually scared but I was noticing a change in Jeff. Like I could tell why he was so different now. He must be vampier cause now that I htnk about it, he cheated by being a vampire inthe track team. As this became obvious, I got mad. "Hey, you suck you know, cheating like that while being a vampire and all. you really suck Jeff." He looks puzzled then out of nowhere he is laughing really hard and his laughter echos off the ceiling and walls in which I was prisoned in. I look at Jeff and he looks at me. I fell instantly guilty-minded and blurt out,"What are you looking at?" He bends closer to mme and tries to kiss me. My hand actomactally comes up, almost like a reflex. I was used to this, him always trying to get me to admit that I liked him. Well, I do and I don't. I do because he is my friend, best friend, and I know a side that no one else does. On the other hand, I don't like him because of the way he uses girls. How will that stop if I choose to be his girlfriend? I always say, If it happens once ,it'll happen again. I always stick to that motto because it realls is true. No matter how long I thought about what was inside the cup I still could not grasp the fact Jeff, my friend since,like forever, was a vampire. I was saddend by the thought that he did not tell me this. "Jeff,why did you not tell me this eariler. You know I am, oh I dont know, YOUR BEST FRIEND!!! HOW COULD YOU Do THIS TO ME?" I was really mad. I pushed him away from me and he went flyinghtrough the door and made a loud thumping noise all the way down what I think wa sthe stair way. "Wha...." Was all I could say at that moment. I looked at my little hands and then at the door at which I had just pushed/thrown Jeff theough. Not to mention the stairs which he fell down also. I got up and rushed to him. I first looked out the door/ hole I made and then looked at the floor to see if Jeff was there. Nope, no where to be seen. I walk thrugh the hole and then walked to the stair case. I looked down and found jeff sitting stright up and looking right at the spot where I was meekly hidding. "Um... Jeff, are you ok?" I said in a weak voice scared that he was mad at me. He looks at me with wondr and something else. I could only guess it as wonder and amusement. "Yea, Im alright. More than alright. I have a question, how did you do that?" He said the question with something close to the line of excitement and happiness. I can't tell you how I felt at that moment but I was glad he was o.k. I ran to him and hugged him tight. We laned with a little bit of a slide while I was on top of Jeff's chest with him holding me tight. "Oh, Jeff,Jeff JEFF,JEFF,JEFF, I ma SO glad you are ok. Pleasetell I did not hurt you." He slowly sits up and I move to help him. I moved to sit beside him, but he put me in his lap. He held me close to his chest like I was his maldillion or a treasure of his he loved. I moved around and tries to wiggle out of his grasp but he said the words I would never, ever hear from him tell a woman in my entire life. Much less toell it to me. It froze me solid. "Jen, I love you. I want you to be my girlfriend and lover. I want to go hunting with you now but I need your answer first." He looked right into my eyes as I brewed over what he said to me. "Jeff, you don't know love if it jumped up from the ground and smacked you right inthe face." He shook his head and told me the words that melted my heart and made me understand why he did what he did. "Jen, I really do love you. With every last drop of my heart. I only went out with girls to make you jelous but, no matter who I dated or what I did to get you like me, you always said, 'Your not my type' or 'If it happens once itll happenm again' and geuss what, your right about that one cause I love you and Itll happen once itll happen again. I love you and I want you too love me too. Please say you fell soemthimg for me too?" He looked so desprate and not-jeff-like that I actualloy thought that what he said was true. I thought it over and over and over while we sat there with me in his lap. I came to a colusion as it hit me right in the heart with truth. I did love him too. I was jelous of all the other girls he went out with.I just never realized it untill now, like when he went out with some hot blonde chick  that jeff didn't even know her name, I wanted him to get dumped again. I guessed it was because if he got in a commiment with a chick, I thought he would drop me like a hot rock, and I never wnated that. I looked at Jeff and fo rhte first time and forever now I looked at him with not just friendship but love as well. I said the words he wanted me to say. It took me all about 30 minutes to think this over. I was kinda out of it when I put all the pieces together but I felt right. with strong, and truthful words I told him this," I do love you Jeff, I really do. I guess I never realized it before. I want to be your gilfriend and I want to be with you and most fo all, I WANT YOU!!!" I kissed him and I was finally happy in my life now but something made me stop in mid-kiss with Jeff. The burning. Jeff looked pankied reall quick. He griped me real heard as the door bell to his house first rang, then, my own personal hell came walking into the kitchen where me and Jeff was. It was a human. I froze in mid breath. I never smelled somthing so sweet, so appitizaing, so delicious. I wanted her blood and I wanted it now.





 Note to all readers: Thankyou fo rreading this story and I hope you like it. Post on my page or toss me a email cause there s a contest and I want to see if you can come up with a character info for the "human' and if i like it a lot itll be in my next chapter!! i heart you all alot and i hope you all enjoy!!!

















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Comment by PeanutJazz930 on October 18, 2011 at 10:41pm
Awwee this is really good! I lovvve it...Omg ur such an amazing writer. Jealous:(! Lovvve Yah!
Comment by AnaIsabel on October 16, 2011 at 11:22pm
this is really good'! keep me updated?

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