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pov- jeff


I was in a panicked state and I was in fear. There was a human in my house and I know her. Oh, burn me in hell and call me a southern fried chicken. Oh, I griped hard on Jen's arms and hoped that was enough to make her stay put. I was lousy when it came to responsibility but this is totally a different situation. Slowly I took my eyes off Jen just enough to tell Sara, the girl I was previously dating, that I would see her in the dinning room. I looked at Jen and her face was something. It was a mix between hunger and agony. I did not know what to do with her, so I told her something that I hoped  would get her mind off of Sara and hopefully get her where I wanted her right now. If not I was going to have to let her do what her nature does. Kill. I was worried but as always Jen suprises me everytime. She never looked away ffrom the dining room door as she said, "I want away from her Jeff,  get me away from her. I do not want this. Please help me Jeff." I looked at her broken face and that was when I realized  something was wrong with her. I didn't know what it was but I would find out eventually. But right now was not the time or the place. I thought over where I could put her until this mess was resolved. I thought of the basment where I keep all of my most prized stuff, thinking it would be good enough, yea that would do. Especially with the hevy reinforced door I had installed here a couple of days ago. I thought about how to ask her and just decided to just ask her nicely. "Jen, babe, would you mind going into the basment while I talk to um... uh,"  Jen looked at me and said the humans name. "Sara."  "Yea, babe, you got it. Thanks" was all I could say. I wondered if she knew her way and like clock-work she said she knew the way. "Alright then, go on your way. I'll take care of this mess." She nodded her head and then she got up and pulled me with her. She looked at the door and I got a little worried but then she looked back at me and then she gave me a kiss and left as fast as her feet would let her. I took a deep breath and listened for the basment door to close. It finally shut and then I heard some shuffling as Jen went down the stairs. Ok,now that I knew that she was ok and was away from the human, I procced to go into the dining room. I open the door and oh I don't keep track of their names, I just think of them as sheep. Objects to sidate my thirst and even sometimes my disire. She was looking away from me and out the window when she was startled by my presence. "Oh, I didn't see you there. Um.. I was just wondering if you know, forgot about us?" I looked confused and she looked angry. She had a right though and I didn't blame her. She walked in on me and Jen having a serious make-out session. "Well, what do you wnat me to say..Um.. ugh, whats your name again?" She now looked way past angry, if it could happen, she looked as if she could kill me rightnow. I laughed at the thought and she took it the wrong way. "What are you laughing at bastard!!!!"  I got real serious after that. No one calls me a bastard. That is just plain cold. "You better take that back." She laughed at me and  walked right up to me and pressed her body against mine and she kissed me. I felt unbeliveable desire when a human woman kisses me and it sparks something in me. I told this human what I wanted and forgetting about Jen complety I satisifed my hunger for her body. 



Pov- Jen

I was sitting in the middle of his basement looking out the tiny window that he had here. Funny I never thought to have a window in my basement. I heard the usual stuff that he always made me sit through when he broke up with someone. I was listening to him yell at her for calling him a bastard. She laughed at him and then I heard feet moving toward someone. I didn't know if it was Sara or if it was Jeff. I paid more attition now. I heard the sound htat caused me unbarable pain and humility in me. Kissing. Of everythingI said to Jeff, he thougt that he could do this to me. Ha well when I gave him my heart I promised to love him and only him. I geuss that when it was his turn to tell me the same thing,he lied and was acting like a child and had his fingers crossed behind his back. I listened to more of what was happing but all I heard was Sara's moans and pleasures from that room. I also heard Jeff, after the sick bastard had his fun,, rip his teeth into her and kill her. I don't want that. I don't want him. I looked for a way out of here and found that window. I was just big enough to get through. I looked about me and found a paper and a pencil. I worte a letter to Jeff explaining to him why I left, not that there was much explaintion needed.



I have left youy because I heard what was going on up stairs. I figured if it happens once it will happen again, and it came true. I told you I loved you and that was when you betrayed me in the end. It is just like your old self to do that. I will never stop loving you but I am not going to be around a man who wants everything and thinks he can have it. Goodbye Jeff and I am truley sorry for your misfortune.

was and never will be anymore yours truely,


 i set this with a tumb tack on the box I was sitting on. He will find it when he comes down here. I open the window to find it pitch black and a beautiful night under this situation. I looked back one more time to see the basment door open. I wanted to cry but found I couldn't. I left with a horrible past and a empty future. I was alone and no one could fix it. I never looked back again as I left and hoped that I would find happiness someday.



Pov- jeff

I heard this humans last heart beats as I drank her blood in ectasy. I was happy. Had a hot vampire gilfriend that thought she loved me when I was tring to get her in the sack. Well it will be horrible when I have to kill her after I get my pleasure from her. I would hate to see her go. Well, now that this human is dead and not coming back, I made sure of  that by ripping her heart out. I put the heart on the table and then I left the room with that human runing my priceless rug. Good thing I have lots of those. I head to the basement and slowly open the door because I dont want to frighten her. I hear nothing as I opened the door. No 'how did it go' or 'did you let her go' or well anything. I stepped up my pace and then when I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw what I didn't want to see. A final note. I look at it and read it. When I got done I sunk to my knees and that was when I realized I lost the most important thing in my life. I was a sleeze and a guy*edited by mod*/vampire. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I yelled for her to come back but the only thing that answered me was the disparing note left to me. I was alone and I wanted to die. I wanted her back and not just for my pleasure but for her love and mine to. I vowed from this spot on that I would find her and tell her all the things that she wanted to have me say to her. I had a ephinany and it was that I loved her.


Note to fans: I have to tell all of you that if there is anything you dont like or would like to put in, tell me and ill get right on it. Thanks for all fo your support and Dark secrets in the forest fans, i have more for you so just hold on!! love ya all !! thx!!!

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Comment by Breaking Dawn208 on October 30, 2011 at 9:39pm
Love it. Can't wait to
Comment by PeanutJazz930 on October 30, 2011 at 5:43pm
Awweee i likeee it. It's interesting!

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