The Twilight Saga

pov- Jenn


I felt unbarable pain as I was heading to my house. I felt like a complete idoit that Jeff could love me. The rain never quit, so I walked in it. I could smell everything but I ignored it.  I heard Jeff's vehicle pull along behind me at a slow pace to keep up with me. I never stopped to look at him. He honked his horn and I turned around on instinct. "WHAT!" I yelled at Jeff. He stoped and then turned his car off. I shook my head and walked away from him. "Hey, don't you even want to know why I did it?" Jeff told me. I stoped and just out of complete anger, stood like a complete idiot. He looked like he was angry and hurt. I didn't care for him at that moment anymore. He had his chance and he decided to choose the wrong girl. "Why, Jeff. Why did you choose her over me? What is it that she had that I don't?"  He looked at me and then told me what I wanted to hear. " I did it because, over a thousand and a half years, I have been just like that. I am no more a monster then the same as the one's in fairy- tales.I don't expect you to understant Jen. I am me because of who I am. Survial and instinct had one out over all of those years. I love you Jen." He looked as if he just said the one secrete that would kill him. I can't, won't go back with him. I am going to go away. I look right back at Jeff and tell him goodbye for the last time. " Jeff, if it happend once it will happen again. I cannot bare this pain you always give me. You had me once, It's time to let me go because I am never going to be yours again. I cried blooied tears, turned away from his shocked and hurt face, and ran at full speed to my house. What will ahppen next I will never know. I guess I will just go with it by the moment.

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