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Broken Love ( WARINING: not for anyone under thirteen years of age)

Hello, I am Jennifer and I want to tell you about all the guys I met. It is a simple thing, just flirting and then notes in class, then a acutal date and kissing on third date. But never before would one think that when you get to know a person, you never really KNOW them. They show you a side they want you to see and then, when they get tired of the game they are playing, they really show their true colors That is how my story enters.

Pov- jennifer

" I can't believe you actually kissed her. I mean she is attractive and all, but really, Kissed her?" I look at my friend. He is a guy but not like most people would assume when he's a guy and is a girls best friend.(Gay) Well he's not, it's more like all the way around on the other end. He has been with so many girls that if I had to make a list, it would reach all the way around my house and then some. I don't like that he's been with so many girls cause it draws attition to me when they ask for advise on how to ask out my friend. He replys with a smirk, "Well, she was kind of a good kisser. I tell you what though, she has one Hot freakin' body. Makes me drool thinking about her body." All I could do was not gag about him actually swooning over a girl. This was the difference between me and him. I could talk about guys butt,abs, face, biceps, etc, but I could never talk like a preppy girl gushing over some guy. Never was me and never will. I am all cool about it, expressing my thoughts on the pros' and cons of a hot guy I see or happen to pass by. Not dreaming about marring him or get mad cause he doesn't look at me.but with Jeff it was like he was the girl and I was though dude, even though that is TOTALLY not the situtation. Anyway, I look at Jeff and never could see what all the other girls see when they loo at him. He's got black hair, nice even tan all over, brown eyes, a good smile and straining through his t-shirt, killer abs, but the thing is all of that stuff just doesn't turn me on to him. I laugh at him as he is staring at the girl he was talking about becaus she just passed by without even looking at where he sat. He watched her leave, frowining. Something he never does. "What, Jeff, did you just get passed by a girl who didn't look at you without her drooling over you?" He looks at me and laughs it off, "Naw, it happens all the time. But only when I have you around. Hmm, mabey I should fix that, but on the other hand I don't think I will." This is usually how we always start our day talking to eachother. "Well,mister-i-think-i-look-hot-all-the-time, we need to get to class. Some of us actually have to learn our way, and not use our looks. Thats if we have them though. So come on J." He gets up as I bend over to grab my bag from the groung we were sitting on. His hand lands on my smaller back. I can feel the heat from his hand. I laugh as he still tries to theis day to get me to say that I like him or something. It never works. It drives him crazy that I am the only girl in the whole entire county that doesn't find him at the heart of her fantiasy. I move away from him and trun around to smack him in his arm. "Ouch! That hurt." I giggle and tell him he's a baby. He chuckles at me because, while he is rubbing his arm, I am trying to fix my shirt that he moved to get to the skin of my back. " I still don't get why you don't like me as everyohter girl does around here. I would love to get inside your head to see what you don't tell me." I look at him and tell him exactally what I think " You really want to know why I don't like you, like every other ditzy girl you happen to find hot?" He looks like he is contemplating it and shakes his head yea, "Yea I want to know. Believe it or not but, it irks me that you don't find me hot." I tell him what I feel of him, and look into his eyes as I say this because when I do that I am serious. "O.K, I think you are attractive and all, but you are just not my type." He looks confused and asks me," Well, that is the most stupidest thing I ever heard, and trust me, I have heard a lot of stupid things. I mean come on, I dont think your my type, is really what you want to say. You can tell me, I won't get mad. I promise , Scouts honor." I giggle because that always cracks me up and he knows it. He uses it to his advantage. "Well,truth is, I am NOT like everybody else. I don't have to like everthing everybody else does cause it is what everybody does." I was still trying to get my shirt stright when the bell rang for class. " Crap, oh I am going to be so late." I glare at Jeff becasue if he never brought up the subject, I would not be in this mess. "Um..., so thats how you feel?" I look at him and say yes. "Yes, I mean if I wanted to, I would go out with you and all, but I would be just using you and dangling you from a string. It wouldn't be fair to you." I think he was mad at me even though he said he wouldn't be mad at me. He looks at me and I realize I am still tugging on my shirt. I give up and just decide it is fine. Jeff looks at me and asks me, "Hey, would you mind skipping calss today? I don't feel like going now and I don't want to go home alone. It sucks being alone.We can go hang at my place if you want to come with me." I thought it over. It was a friday and I don't think there was much to miss. He was probaly mad and didn't want to sit through class and steam over what I said to him. On the other hand I didn't want to go to class now because I already missed a quarter of it. I am not a person who likes to start something in the middle of whatever I am doing. Jeff is waiting while I think it over, but he is getting bored reallly quick. I give in. "Yea, I guess we can go to your place.Just as long as you help me fix the my shirt you messed up." He walks behind me and starts to laugh , I turn and ask him "What are you laughing at?" He is already bent over the knee laughing. He looks up wipping away a tear that appeared in his eye. "Your underwear is sticking out. Its funny and hot." I blush and he slowly quits his belly laugh as I stare at him. "What do you mean it's hot?" He is his normal self now, "I think its hot that you wear thongs in neon colors, just did not think it was your choice in the type you wear. I was laughing because I thought of you wearing granny-panties." He starts to laugh when I hit him in the same spot I hit him earlier. "DO NOT THINK FOR A SECOND that I would wear those AND you need to keep your eyes to your self as you help me fix my shirt." I turn around not caring that I have my bright yellow panties were showing. He mumbles to himself " I think yellow is the best choice. I wonder if the top matches...." I roll my eyes at him. it was typical Jeff to think of such things when they get in his brain. When he got done, I turned aroung and he put his hands up as if I was about to hit him. I giggled at him. " Come on, you baby, we are going to take my car." I tell him to stay were he was as I go to grab my bag. We head off to my car and he gets in t he driver's side. I think he was full of it,but on the other hand, I never drove to his place. So I don't know how to get there. I get in the passengers side and put my bag in the back seat. "O.K, lets go" I look out the window as he looks at me with a puzzled look. "Um. Jen, we can't go nowhere if you have your keys to yourself." I blush and lean over my seat and grab my keys from my bag. "Here, you baby." I get back in my seat as he turn the keys in the ingintion to start my classic 57' chevy belair. I laughed the first day I met him when he saw my car and started to litterally drool over it. Ever since he has been my friend, he continues to ride in my car. Even though I know he has his own, he prefers to ride in mine. He looks at me and says to put my seatbelt on. As I do this he pulles out of the parking lot and heads to his house.

Pov- jennifer

On the ride to his house we talked about getting the seats in my car changed from white to red. I wanted to keep them the way it was, but he wanted to give it a more up-town look. It was about fifteen minutes of this argument that he puled into his driveway. He put my car into park and turned the headlights off. He turned them on when it got really dark from all of the rain clouds that threatened to empty all of its contents onto us. "O.K, lets get in there before it start..." It started to rain. Really hard too. "Well, it looks like we might need some towels when we get inside." I said this thinking that I was not going to like the rain messing up my hair-do. "I will make a bet with you," Jeff said. I never trust Jeff when he does this. Usually he does this when he wants something or is trying to impress someone with something about him. " No, Jeff I will not make any bets with you. I know how it will end." He looked at me and put a puppy-dog face on that no matter how hard I tried, I could never resist it. after a few minutes, I give in. "Fine, what is it." He smiles as if he just got a million bucks. Not that he already doesn't, considerating he comes from a rich family. " O.K, if you make it to the door before I do, i promise to stop trying to get you to like me." I did not like the way he was so cocky with his grin, so I asked him what the catch was, while I look at him with a nasty glare and a lot of icy in my voice. "What if I loose?"
He looke dlike he was in bliss. He knows all of my things that I never want to do and of course, all of my fears as well. "If you loose, which you will, you HAVE to go out with me for as long as I choose. And you have to actually be my girlfriend, which means everything that you have to do everything a girlfriend 's job is, and when someone asks you if we are dating, YOU HAVE to say yes or I'll put out for the whole world to see what your deepest darkest secret is, and I don't think you will like that." He is grining by now and is just full of himself by now. Its is raining buckets and I decide to that if I loose that I would rather be his grilfriend ten times over than have my secret revealed. With as much ice and as much hateful glaring I could mustard up, I told him I agree on one condition, "If I win , you have to runn for 5 miles in the marathon we are doing this saturday," He laughs at me and says" Ha, thats all you could come up with? I would have though you better, to come up with something more elobrate." I smile at him and he slowly the grin that was on his face, disappear "Whats the catch?" I chuckle and tell him," You have to run butt naked the whole way in nothing but your socks and shoes." I grin as I can see that I have finally used my evil side to a good point that it really doesn't count as evil. "Deal?" I hold my hand out for him, so when he agrees he will shake it." Deal" after he shook it once, that is when I ran out of the my car and stright to his door. I ran like the wind, but not fast enough was I. He smiled as he passed and geve me a wave. I forgot that he was now in the track team of our county and all. I just gave up. There was no winning for me, so I slowed down to count my single days gone as I step closer and closer to his door. He was already at the door and unlocking it before I got there. "You ," I tried to breathe in as I was huffing hard to get air in my lungs form all the hard running I did. His door was a little distance form his driveway. I look at him when I reach him and smack him really hard on his arm enjoying the pleasure of him crying out ouch like a baby. He might be a runner but I took three classes a week at the tranning gym, boxing. I punched harder than my coach ever seen. Ha! As I wait for him to get done ranting like a trucker, I tell him the rest of what I was going to say,"Suck a lot. You cheated. You knew I don't run that fast. You Suck!" I stood there shaking because it was not warm rain that fell around me in buckets and making my clothing stick to me as if it were a second skin. He was laughing now. "Come on, lets get some towles for you." I walk into his house and stand in his kitchen, thinking for spite, to sit in one of his expensive chairs. I was about to when he came in the kitchen looking at me like he'd cutt me in half and use me for a picture on his wall. I walk over to him and grab a large fluffly, black towel. He took the pink one. I laughed as he started to look at it. " Igot the pink one for you jen. " OH, I laughed at him and said, " Oh, i know that. You cheated, so I took your towel. fair enough to me." I walk around the kitchen and stop infront of the window and look at my car. I sigh,. At least its getting a wash. I hear him come from the spot he was at and hug me from behind. I turn around and walk away. He follows me. I ask if there is any t-shirts that he could let me borrow cuase my shirt was soaked. He tells me to follow him. I go up the stairs and go right into his room. He walks ove rt ohis closet and grabs a regular grey t-shirt and some basket- ball shorts. "thnkyou, now if you could point me to your bathroom, i need to pee." He points to a door right next to his closet. I see a door and nod my head in a thankyou kind of way. Ihead to it and shut the door. No lock. Typical Jeff. Well I changed with my back against the door. I looked at my underwear and decide its dry enough to wear. I put the top and bottom back on. I put the rest of my wet clothes in the tub and throw on the shirt and shorts. I go to pee very watchful about the door. I get done and wash my hands. I gave myself a look in the mirror and got a little testy when I saw my hair. It was all flat and wet. It started to curl inonitself as it dooes when it gets wet. I head out the door to find Jeff in a clean dry pair of boxers, no shrit. I look at him and point to the closet . "Jeff, just because you one does not mean that you can go around showing your abs to me thinking it will get me in bed with you." He looks at me and walks over to me and pushes me up against the wall near me. He kisses me but I turn my head before he can get my lips. "I am trying to kiss you, why won't you let me?" I look at him and try to get away. He won't let me budge. I push against him and I still am not getting no where. I look at him. He is smiling of all things. "What are you doing Jeff?" I glare at him. "Oh, nothing you little teaser. I am just going to make you like the other girls that have been in this very room." He grabs the tops of my arms and picks me up and throws me over his shoulders. This is not good. "Let me down Jeff!!" I punch him and nothing happens, no ouch or that hurts or anything. He gets to his bed and he throws me down on top of it. I bounce a little bit. " I already told you that if I won you were to be my girlfriend. This is what a girlfriend does. Sex." I look at him scared and a little out of it. Never before did I think that this would happen. "Jeff, I agreed to being your girlfriend, but I did not agree to this." I ove as far back to the headboard, trying to get away. I watch him as he moves to the door and locks it witha key from the inside. I forgot about that door. It has always scaredme and now I bet all the other girls do too. He comes back with the key and puts on the night stand by his bed. He joins me in bed. I try to crawl away and got half way before he got on top pf my back and pulled me away from the edge of the bed. I scream. He laughs. "Did I tell you about how I always found you very beautiful?" I struggle to get out of his grasp as he pulls my hair and my head turns up. He whispers to me, "there is no getting out of this. Relax and ejoy the show." I put my hands into a fist and tell him, "Enjoy this !"  I threw my elbow at him but my elbows hit nothing but air. He moved before I could hit him. He used that oppertunity to flip me and throw me on my back. He was geting angry now, "Now stop this jen, I am really close to smaking you. " I stop not because he told me to but because he scared me stiff. "Why are you doing this J?" I used our nickname we came up with to butter him up. He puts his knees against my hips and starts to roam with his hands.  i was still to stiff to move . He bends to kiss me. He grabs my head in a frim headlock so I won't move. I suck in my lips so he still cant kiss me. He retailited by punching me in the gut. I took a breathe in. He took that chance to kiss me. He thrust his lips hard on me.He moaned when he kissed me."That is some very soft lips you have jen. " I almost puked  when he talked. "I don't like you. I hate you!! You are a.., well there are no words for you." He looks at me and tells me this. "I am going to get a knife out. i won't if you kiss me back, if you dont' I will cut you like a knife through butter." I stare at him. "GOOD" was all his reply. He bent down to kiss me. I had to kiss him back. I prtended that it was a game of truth or dare and he dared me to kiss him. "Now that is more like it." He pulls me up and he gets underneath me . He slouches onhis pillows and pulls me on top of him. "Kiss me or else" I proceed to kiss him. He groans and moans and tells me he has never kissed nayone that could kiss like me. It made me angry so I thoght of a way to get away from him. I figured if I bit his lip he would let me go. I bit it. He pushes me back a little and grips me hard so I won't go no where. I knew I would have brusies on me if I ever got out of this."Oh, so we are a biter, huh? Well, guess what, so am I ." He pulls me in to kiss him again and he bits my lip. I pull back but he hold me real tight. I have tears coming down my face. "Baby, don't vcry, I am sorry I bit you to hard. O.K I know just the thing that will get you feeling better." He leans me back until my head is resting on the bed. "Stay, or while I am over here, I will grab my knife." he leans a little away. He rumages inhis nightstand for a min. I knew he was getting something. I wiggled to get away. I did not want that yet. I did not want to have sex with him. He smacked me across my face as I tried to get away. "I told you not to do that." He grabs the knife in his hand and with his other hand grabs my hand from my face and cuts the wrist. Deep red blood pooled out from my cut. I had black spots run over my eyes as the pain shot through me. I looked at him and he was looking at me with hunger. I was already half out of it. He throws the knife across the room. It lands right in the middle of the wall. He looks at my cut and leans down to the blood dripping out. "Well, I never would have thought that you would disobey me like that." He sjakes his head at me "I am mad that I won't get the chance to have sex with you now but when you wakre back up, youll be killing girls left and right to do it with me. That is coming here real soon." I look at him as if he were crazy. "HUH?" "Say goodbye to this life and hello to your new one jen. I love you and whatever you do do not try to bit me when you wake up. It hurts you know. " I am almost passed out. I figured that whatever he was saying was not real. I look at him for the last time. I never thought that the one person I truseted more than my own parents, was going to kill me. "Say good night now," He leans into me and kisses me back hard enough that it would leave my lips brusied. Then he takes his kisses down my neck and nibbles once. I shiver out of sheer fear. He took that the wrong way. "Oh, you like that as well huh?, Hmm, I promised I would never create another one because the last one did not go so well, but your not like the last one. Hmm, I think I will." He is crazy. That I decide. I was fading away from the blood loss. I hear him tell me he love me and was sorry if it hurt. I did not feel anything untill he pushed  my face toward the door and bit my neck. He was drinking my blood!!! I scream and scream but he puts his hand over my mouth as he grinds against me. "oh you taste soo good. " I feel him lick my neck one last time as I fade into darkness. I don't know how long I was out but when I woke he was sleeping right next to me and I was thirsty and I did not want water. I wanted blood.

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Comment by PeanutJazz930 on October 7, 2011 at 11:24pm
Awwe that was amazing. Omg i'm almost in tears. I loved it!

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