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A Dream To Reality?



It started in the middle of the school ground.

I was wondering,

why am I wearing this red skirt?

When I entered the school gym.

I saw Angelic my friend wearing the same

red skirt. The rest of the students are


very busy. Don't know why.I decided to ask Hanna,

what is this all about.Only to find out

that they were preparing for the dance presentation,

and I should prepare too.Well the red skirt I'm wearing?

It is our lower costume. That explains everything.

But then I remembered,I left the rest of my costume!


I decided to go home. I rode a "sikad"

( a way of transportation using a bicycle)

I keep on telling the driver which

direction we should go. I was shocked that we were lost.


Suddenly everything changed.Surrounded by

huge buildings,bright lights and

names that I can't even understand.

I saw the Merlion Statue.Surely this is Singapore.

I told my self. I climbed the highest building

just to try if I can find my house.

Then the memory flashes

before my eyes.Yesterday I rode a plane

that happened to be Singapore trip.


Hopeless and confused I decided to go back.

Well I have to perform the dance w/ a proper

costume.No choice.


In the back stage. I was about ti wear my costume

when the zipper broke.Shoot!that was a bad luck.

I got nervous when the host introduced the


first guest speaker that happened to be a Dj named

"Kapitan Botchoy".Playing different kinds of songs. 

I might say that was his speech.Because of my

curiosity I stood beside a box nearest to him.

Then I saw two handsome guys, not just looking and smiling

but also staring at me.I don't recognize them.


I'm tired, I don't know why. I want to go home, so

I went to my classroom to get my stuff. When the door

opened I was shocked.The classroom changed

into a bathroom?weird...

Then I saw the black-haired guy back




at the school gym,half naked..and me...

wearing only a piece of towel.?

He was walking towards me.Smiling in a seductive way.

That frightened me.I screamed.Before he could touch

me I ran leaving him Seven pesos.

I don't know why on earth I gave him money. When I reached

the door.I screamed again because this time

he hugged me!


The funny thing is, his holding a "Safeguard Soap"

on his right hand.That made his rashes disappear.


He hugged me because he is so happy

that I gave him money for the soap.

My God!!That was a T.V "Soap Commercial"!

Everything is clear to me now.Finally

He introduced himself. He is

Sam Campbell.

We had a good talk.It's just like we were

already friends.


When I went to the other room.

The sames thing happened

but this time, it was

Eric Cartner.


Hotter than the other,the most

handsome guy I ever saw or dreamed!

9Whatever...besides I don't even know

that it was just a dream until I wake up)


He smiled!My God so kilig!

I even told Sam that I'd rather

hang out w/ Eric because he is more

good looking..compared to him..


Woosh...The sunlight got my eye.

The reason why I woke up,and realized that it

was just a dream.hahahaha

Guys..I doesn't make sence

to you..But I want you to know that I'm having this dream fo



 Dreams are suppose to be images created by your

brain from your memories.And the thing is...I don't even

know Sam Cambell and Eric Cartner.

Honestly I'm confused and worried.I went to a doctor but

he just told me that it might be some kind of stress

 and depression...My God..stress and depression are

two things that surely I don't have.


If you know Sam Campbell or even

 Eric Cartner.Just please let me know.They

might be the answers to my questions..



Marian Jule

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