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By LesLie RedHeart (aka Me xD)

No matter what I do,

I just can't get over you.

Your smile still marks my heart,

But remembered the time I was torn apart...

I could say goodbye,

If there was a way,

But, I never stop thinking that it's too late,

If somehow I was right.

I hope you didn't left,

And broke my heart into pieces,

I wish you stayed,

But you just filled me up with wishes.

Though in any way that we look at it,

I still couldn't say goodbye,

Because that would be me lying,

So, I'll just end it up with a cry.

*I'd just give up trying and be strong,

I'll just love you the way I'm supposed to,

But, I'll make sure that I'll end this poem...

The title: I just cant stop loving you :)

Please comment if you want :P

You could visit me in my facebook account. I have a lot of these things in my notes. Please do drop by.

Thanks :D

-Inspired by Edward . haha, in New Moon. Joke :P

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