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I just wanted to share that Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen bought me a coke at the store when I found out that for some reason they did not take credit cards and I did not have a dollar (lame I know). He then signed it for me after I caught up with him when I got a buck from a friend to pay him back :P. Found out he had the same birthday as me and gave him a fist bump. Happy birthday to us!!

I also wanted to share that before he got me a coke he was talking to a special needs girl about how she learned how to read through twilight books. I thought that was so cool! He gave her a hug while her mom took a picture. He really is the sweetest man ever.
Told a really dumb joke that made me laugh when I gave him his dollar back. he folded it to shape it like this [ then asked me to hold my fingers out like the rock symbol. he put the dollar on my fingers and told me to say wing 3 times. Stupidly I complied and he picked up the dollar and answered it like a phone.... sooooo lame but I laughed at how stupid the joke was.

He told a story about how he gave Robert a card that basically told him to quit acting and find a job that better suited his talents. He said Robert did not get the joke until he explained it to him. Then told Robert to give it to Kristen and when he did Kristen got all pissed off at Robert lol

I hope he has great fun finishing Tiwlight and I hope to see him in more movies in the future. Such a nice guy!

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Comment by nikki clark on December 2, 2010 at 11:37am
im sooo envious of your story i think peter facinelli is the best....good story tho....he sounds like a darling

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