The Twilight Saga

My eyes flash open, the forest is lit up by a million crystals. I remember through my muddy human eyes how Isaac's skin had glistened in the sunlight...I'd never thought I'd look as close to beautiful as he did but, I was wrong. As I stare at my skin, my beautiful skin, I realize that I am a vampire! I had finally done it! I had made the transformation! I didn't have to look in a mirror to know that my face must be perfect, flawless, and irresistible. But, I had to look. I was on my feet in half a second and I was running through the forest searching for something reflective...I wouldn't really call it running, more of gliding and dancing at the same time. The snow beneath my beautiful feet, felt like marshmallows. I never imagined it would feel like this, I'd never sleep again but, that's okay, no more nightmares, I'd never eat real food again, that's okay, no more bathroom breaks...I am now completely free of any physical needs my human body needed, but there is one need that my body had now taken on in their place. My throat burned like the fire was still lit but, it was more; it was like I needed a cool drink of water but, I knew water wasn't what my body needed. My body needed blood. The thought of blood made my throat burn even more than before. I had to think about something else...One thing about the vampire brain, it's like a computer; I can open a new tab and close another one just like that but, the pain is still there. As soon as I reached a mirror, and saw myself (I knew I had to be very careful about it though, not only could one could see my eyes but, I would be putting lives in danger. Holding my breath would half to do.

Although, I've never heard of a young vampire holding her breath to delay the thirst but, I had always wanted to see my vampire body. I tried to imagine it. My reddish brown hair would probably look perfect, like it had been curled perfectly with a wide curling iron. My eyes, I had no doubt that they would scare me. My eyes were red. They would be red for a while. My nose wouldn't look human. It would look like an angel had given me her nose, I wondered if it would still have that german tip to it. My lips, although they had been chapped when I was transformed, they would be beautiful and doubt. I wonder what my body looks like....I looked down. I could feel a frown on my face. This baggy t-shirt and these un-fit pant weren't gonna do. If I was going to be a vampire, I minus well do it right--


I was immediately in a crouch position. My body perfectly formed; a predator ready for its prey. My body knew exactly what to do. My eyes closed as I drifted toward the smell of warm blood. My chest was burning, pushing me forward. I was going to eat a deer today...not really eat but...drink a deer's blood. As a human, that would have sounded disgusting, but a a vampire, it sounded delicious! 

In less then half a second, I was springing myself up into the air and my eyes were like targets on a gun, I knew where to land. I instantly had a deer in my mouth, it's warm blood running down my throat...

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Comment by DreamlessSleep on July 31, 2012 at 5:28pm
Great job keep at it

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