The Twilight Saga

" I want you to change me!" I screamed in his face

"I will not chnage you bella not when you have a soul, I cant just take it away" edward said calmly through gritted teeth.

" yes you can"

" it is part of the treaty bella, you know with the werewolves that you cannot bite or kill a human you should know that by now you have been with them muts for some time"

" what if the victim chooses to become a vampire?"

" bella I am not going to change you into a monster"

"your not a monster"

"your not going to let this go are you"

suddenly there was a knock at the door, it was rosalie.

" hey edward can I have a privite moment with bella please on the balcony if that is ok with you?"

" yeah sure" edward replied

me and rosaile walked of and entered the double doors untill we reached the balcony.

"listen rosaile I understand why you hate me I-"

" bella i dont hate you I....... envy you"


" you have a choice, you dont want to be like this, I didnt have a choice now I wish I just died, because I am stuck like this forever."

" I want to become a vampire"

" well let me just warn you"

"ok what is the warning"

" there is one thing you will kill any body or anything for evan charlie"

" what is that?"


chapter 2 Jacob strikes

I walked down the long steep path of the cullens house and entered my 53 chevry truck and started the engine, I drove down the road untill i got to my house to my amazment I saw charlie ( my dad) waiting on the doorstep, I got out of my truck and went to the door.

"hi" I said

" hi bells, Jacob called"

" ok where is the phone?"

" in your room I think"

" ok"

I walked up the stairs and opened my bedroom door it shocked me to see that there was Jacob sitting on my bed. But before I could evan say hi he ran straight at me gripping his hands around my throat , his hands were getting tighter and tighter, I was loosing my breath I knew he was not going to let go untill , I heard two clashes of footsteps on my bedroom floor his hands loosened as he turned around.

It was Alice and Edward, Alice's glaze met mine and this was a sign to move away so i did so. When suddenly Edward and Jacob charged at eachother and with a clash the knocked eachother right out of my bedroom window, then depiste the fact of all the glass alice gripped my hand , pulled me on her back and followed them out of the window, when we hit the floor I saw the cullens coming out of the bushes i knew this was going to be bad news.

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Comment by alice-jade-cullen on October 5, 2010 at 3:46pm
every one else dont say that evan me english teacher
Katie Resch Comment by Katie Resch on October 5, 2010 at 3:18pm
Its to rushed

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