The Twilight Saga

Strangers in the Night

I wiped my hair with a towl and took a hair drier out of cupboard. I dried my hair so they haven't been totally wet. Then I went to my bedroom.

I left my folding door, that led to the terrace, open, so I would get some air to my small bedroom. Then I wrapped into a blanket and turned off the light.

When I was lying in the dark, I got a feeling that something bad will happen. That thought gave me the shudders and I couldn't fall asleep for a while.

When I finally did, after many hours of tossing in my bed, I got a vision of two beautiful white people coming trough my door. When I saw them I've been amased at their beauty. Their white skin was shining in moonlight like pearls. When this vision disappeared, there was already another one.

I was standing in a big hall. Infront of me have been three men sitting on thrones. They've been white too and have been wearing black coats. That vision gave me the shudders again. But it wasn't because of it, I was having this two visions for quiet long time. It was because of young boy, he couldn't be older than 17, with blonde hai, falling on his red eyes. I haven't seen him in this vision before. He was staring at me with interest.

When the vision disappered, I opened my eyes with terror and grabed my bed, because otherwise I would probably scrim.

I ofcourse couldn't fall asleep again, so I was lying in my bed thinking about my visions. Everything was fitting. Today was excatly the same night as in my vision. I knew it will happen today. They will come over here and take me to big hall, from my visions.

I was terrified, then I saw boy's face again. He was smiling at me. Then he was staring at me, and at the end he was snarling at someone, like he was trying to protect me.

And then, while I was thinking, I saw two vampires standing on the street, here in London, where I was living while I was studying on one of London's univertsity.

They've been looking to my house and the way they've been looking at the house, like they could actually see me, it gave me shudders again. My heart started pounding, but I wasn't really scared.

Iknew they won't do anything to me. They will just take me to their masters, Volturi. Vampire clan, that's been living in Volterra, in Italy. When I wanted to remember more about them, I noticed, two vampires climbing trough my window. Well, actualy they jumped trough it. They were excatly the same as in my dreams/visions. I was brethless.

The first one was taller, but they both had bloody red eyes and white skin, which's been sparkling like pearls in moonlight, that's been coming trough the window. I have only one word to describe it...beautiful. That was my first thought. And next was, I'll be like this in few days, probably...

Then I noticed, it was full moon...

When they noticed, that I was awake, the tallest one winked at me. Then he turned to his partner. "Did you have problems with finding her, again, Demetri?" he laughed at him. But it seemed like the other one didn't notice him, he was still staring at me. That was becoming a littel bit creepy...

"Did Selena confused you?" the tallest one laughed again. Then he looked at me with interest. "Yeah, I personaly can't wait her to become a vampire. She's just to talented for a snack."

Demetri still hadn't say a word. As I said...CREEPY! But then he asked: "Do you think she's been waiting for us?" and in the mid time he hadn't even winked, he was still staring at me...creepy.

"Yes, I was," I said that, just because I had to say something, I felt stupid, while they've been talking about like I'm not there. "Are we living now?" OK, I know, stupid question.

They both laughed, AGAIN!! That wasn't fair. I felt like I'm littel girl.

"Yes, we are going, littel witch!" great, now I'm a witch?! And wath are they?! Ordinary people, I suppose! Jerks!

"Hurry up! Volterra isn't near," like I didn't know that. Felix winked me, again. That was creepy too!...MORE LATER...

I'm sorry but I'm pretty busy right now and all this translating is killing me. But I'll definatly write more, 'cause I already have four chapters in Slovenian (I know, it's not much...)...

K. E. B.

I hope you liked it! °°~°°

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Comment by jojo meinne on January 13, 2011 at 8:29am
pls. write sum more it's so nice........
Comment by K. E. B. on August 19, 2010 at 5:21am
@Alyssa Camerino You're so nice! Thanks!
Comment by Alyssa Camerino on August 18, 2010 at 7:59pm
That's fine,take your time.I know how hard it is to translate something in another language.Good luck!!! *smiles*
Comment by K. E. B. on August 18, 2010 at 1:16pm
I'll do my best...
Comment by Alyssa Camerino on August 9, 2010 at 8:25am

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