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I blinked and said, “Did I misunderstand? Did you ask if it’s okay with me if you walk with me?” I said.

She looked at me and said, “Yes, I did. Is that okay? Or would you rather walk by yourself?”

I just stared at her. I am trying to comprehend why this gorgeous woman would want to be seen next to this plain ordinary person. I knew I was not anything worth looking at. Granted, I am pretty but not gorgeous like Abby was. Smiling weakly, I replied, “Are you sure you want to walk with me, Abby?”

With a perplexed look, she signed, “Yes, I am sure. What did you mean by that?”

I gasped as soon as she started signing. The way she signs is like a ballet dance, her hands moving gracefully without missing a beat. I whispered, “You signed. You know sign language. I just meant that I am not pretty like you, so I didn’t think you would want to be seen with me.”

“Oh! Ha-ha, okay I understand. You are pretty! Well pretty is like a kid’s word. No, you are beautiful. Why wouldn’t I want to walk with you? I would love to walk with you. Yes, I know sign language.” Abby replied, smiling.

Drawn to her smile, I smiled back and replied, “Okay, then you may walk with me. So I am not the only one who knows sign language here?”

“Oh no. My brother and I know sign language. I am so excited that I get to sign with someone else beside my brother! I think sign language is beautiful!” she replied.

Distracted by the fact she mentioned that she has a brother, I began to wonder if he was older or younger, if he was cute, and if he was single. Then I shook my head and muttered in my head, “You are not here to find a man. You are here to study. Focus!” I looked at Mary and whispered, “You have a brother? How did you know sign language?”

Laughing, she looked at me. “Yes, I do have an older brother. Well, our aunt was deaf. So our aunt and our mother taught us how to sign since we were babies. We still frequently sign to each other.”

“Oh, awesome. Glad to know that someone does know sign language.” I smiled at her.

She smiled back and asked, “Where are you from?”

“California.” I replied.

“Oh. I thought you were maybe from the plains or mountains. I mean like Colorado or Iowa or whatever. You are pale, not tanned like most Californians are.” She explained.

I laughed. “Well, I don’t tan well. I love outdoors, but I don’t tan like anyone does. I just stay pale to fair skin.” I shrugged explaining away about my skin.

We started walking towards our next class. I noticed a guy standing by the door and I realized it’s the man I had seen with Abby under the tree. I saw him smile and oh my but he is gorgeous! I whispered to Abby, “Who is that?”

“That’s my brother, Alex. Alex, this is Marie, my new friend.” Abby told Alex. I saw him frown a tiny bit.

“Nice to meet you, Marie. Hope my sister isn’t driving you nuts yet.” he said to me.

I looked at him. I felt like he wasn’t happy with Abby and I talking or something. I sighed and replied, “No, she’s actually nice.” He was even more gorgeous than Abby if that was even possible. Jet black hair, pale skin and deep butterscotch with hint of brown just like Abby. What is different is that he is taller and a bit more built. His bottom lip is full and his top lip is half full. He has more of an intense look in his eyes. He’s wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, white shirt, black boots and blue jeans. He ought to be on a cover of GQ magazines. I felt out of place and small compared to Alex, so I decided to ignore Alex and just go into my classroom. After I entered in the class, I saw Ama sitting in the corner. I smiled at her as I found a place to sit. I was waiting for the professor to come in. Abby sat next to me. “Why did you walk into classroom without hanging out with me or my brother for a bit?” She signed.

I looked at her, trying to figure out if she was joking. I signed back, “Are you joking me? I feel small with your brother beside me. I don’t think he likes me. Or he doesn’t like that we talk?”

I saw Abby glance over her shoulder. I glanced over to see who she was looking at. Alex was in the back room sitting in the corner, watching us. I gasped.

Abby looked at me and said, “He has trust issues. Don’t mind Alex. Sorry you felt small. I will make sure he behaves better next time.”

I shook my head and said, “Oh no! Abby, there won’t be a next time. I am staying away from him.”

Abby was going to say something, but the teacher just walked in. Tall, willowy, tanned woman spoke, “Hello class. Welcome to Human Sexuality. In this class, we will be discussing a lot about sexuality as well as about sex. My name is Mrs. Whittle.”

I blushed as the interpreter relayed what the teacher said. I could tell that in this class I will be blushing a lot. Suddenly I felt like someone was looking at me. So I glanced around and caught Alex staring at me. He looked like he was smirking at me, I frowned at him and looked away. He is making me feel some kind of emotion that I couldn’t identify. I didn’t like this feeling. I made plans to stay away from Alex.

The day is finally coming to a close. I sighed in relief. Now I just need to find my dorm and meet my new roommate. I am nervous since I do not know who my roommate will be. Abby tapped my shoulder and signed, “Where are you heading now?”

“Dorm. I am done with classes until tomorrow. I am going to go home and do my assignments.” I signed back to her.

She looked so crestfallen that I had to smile. “Oh okay. I have one more class to go then I will be heading back to my dorm. It was nice meeting you. Hope to see you soon. I know we will see each other on Thursday for Introduction.” She signed.

I nodded and signed, “Yes, it was nice meeting you. If we don’t see each other tomorrow, then I will definitely see you on Thursday.” Then I got up and started putting my books into my book bag. In the corner of my eye, I saw Alex approach his sister. I ignored him and kept on putting stuff into my bag. I straightened up and waved goodbye to Abby. She waved back and Alex just stood there watching me. I glared at him and walked out of the classroom.

As soon as I walked out of the building, I groaned. Its raining hard and I don’t have any jacket with me. Taking my cochlear implant off, I put it in my pocket and ran across the yard to my car. Sighing in relief as I get into my car, I started up the car and started driving toward my destination, the dormitories.

I decided to grab just my suitcase and my bathroom bag for now until weather clears up then I will unpack my car. Walking up the steps that will lead me to my dormitory. I was able to find my room with no difficulty. After unpacking my suitcase, I sat on my bed and looked around. The room is plain that holds two beds, two oak desks, two black chairs, two oak dressers and two closets. On the left side of the wall there was a brown door. Wondering what was behind the door, I got up and opened the door. I stood there, staring in the room that is the bathroom. I was confused, for I thought we had to use the showers with other women but we have our own bathroom. It has toilet, bathtub, sink and shower. The color on the wall is gross. The color is like puke-yellow with ducks borders around the wall. I wanted to gag myself at the gross color. I really wish it was a warm color like purple, green or aqua blue. I shrugged, deciding not to be choosy and smiled happily with the fact that I have my own bathroom instead of huge shared bathroom with other girls. The two beds were set up against the walls with the dressers beside them. The desks and the chairs were at the foot of the bed facing the wall. I got my bed by the window set up with my purple comforter, sheets and pillows. After I was done fixing up my bed, I got my laptop out of the book bag. Plugging in my computer in and turned it on beside my bed. I sat on the bed and put the laptop on my lap, checking out my emails. I noticed a movement, so I looked up and sat there with a shock on my face. The person who entered is Abby. “Hey, Abby. What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Hello, this is my room. Guess that means we are roommates. Friends and roommates.” She replied happily. She smiled with her teeth showing. I smiled back and went back to checking my emails.

I received an email from my ex-boyfriend asking me to reconsider our relationship. I groaned and muttered under my breath, “When hell freezes over, Mike.” I responded his email back.

“Mike, I am not going to reconsider our relationship. You cheated on me. What is there to reconsider? You live in Florida for college and I am thousand miles away for college myself. Quit emailing me about our relationship. Bye, Marie.”

I heard a humming sound, so I looked up to see where it was coming from. Saw that Abby was watching me, so I asked, “Were you humming?”

She looked surprised at my question. “Yes, I was. Thought you are deaf? How did you know I was humming?”

I looked at her and responded, “Yes, I am deaf. I wear a cochlear implant which lets me hear sounds. Since it was just you and me, I am able to hear sounds like your humming. If there were too many people around, all I would hear are a lot of noises.”

“Oh, I didn’t know. That’s cool! So what were you upset about?”

“Oh, just my ex emailing me, that’s all. No big deal.” I smiled.

“Oh, ex! Exes can be a pain in the behind! Can I ask you something?” She asked.

“Ask away.”

“How come there’s no pictures of you or your family?”

I felt a momentarily of pain. “Um, I don’t like memories. I have no family.” I replied and I looked at her with an expression that said I wasn’t giving any more explanation. She nodded.

I went back to my laptop, lost in thought. I grew up happy with my loving parents. My parents were always happy and so in love. They always encouraged me to do more, like learning new things or try new things. We were always going out to the fairs, for a walk, or just having some picnics. Smiling at the memories, I also remembered staying home by myself when I was sixteen so that my parents could go out and celebrate their twentieth anniversary. They never came home that night. I thought maybe they got a hotel room, so I went to school with happy thoughts and feeling blessed to have wonderful parents who still love eachother. A cop had showed up at the school and I had ignored him. I was in my English classroom when the principal and the cop showed up in my room to talk with me. Outside of the door, the cop asked, “Are you Annamarie, the daughter of Emily and Gary Michelson?”

“Yes, I am. May I help you?” I replied with a frown on my forehead.

“I am afraid I have bad news. I don’t know how to put this delicately, but your parents were killed last night.”

Gasping, I sank to the floor. “No, no! They have to be at the hotel! They are not dead!”

The cop and the principal looked at each other. I was crying hard, then I got up and ran out of the school.

I got up from the bed, screaming, “Mom! Dad!” When I realized where I was, I gasped once and laid back down. The room got flooded with brightness. I looked over on my right and saw Abby look at me with concern.

“Are you alright?” She signed.

I nodded, not trusting myself and turned towards the wall. I felt wet tears sliding down my cheeks. I had not dreamed about my parents for three years. It will be three years and five months since their death. I am approaching my twentieth birthday in two months. The room went dark again and I fell back asleep.

When I had woken up the next morning, I had this feeling that the dream wasn’t the end of it. I sighed, and began to get ready for my College Algebra and Composition classes today. As I packed the right books for the classes, I gazed outside of my window and saw that it was calm and sunny outside. I smiled, anxious for autumn to come. Autumn is just around the corner and I love the smell of crisp, cool wind while the leaves flutters around our bodies while we walk or stand on the ground. I sighed, hauling my backpack onto my shoulder and headed out to start my day with Algebra.

As I walked to my class, I wondered about the Indian guy, Richard, and looked around to look for him. I didn’t see him around, but I did see Alex and Marie under the tree just like I had seen them yesterday. I quickly looked away before Alex noticed me. I exhaled in relief when I entered my class room. I saw Ama sitting on the plastic chair in the corner all ready to start interpreting when the professor speaks. I smiled at her as I chose which seat to take.

My professor, Mr. Gossman, entered and grinned broadly. “Hello, everyone! Welcome to Algebra and I sure hope you all are ready! My name is Prof. Gossman. You all will groan when I tell you that you will have assignment to do tonight. Sorry, but I like to get started right away!” He chuckled, turning towards to his desk to flip some papers around. He is a somewhat tall with a belly like Santa Claus. He had a cheeky face. I mean, his cheeks were rosy and his eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief. I knew instantly that no one would be able to hate him even if we have to do homework instantly. I found myself grinning. As the class neared to an end, he wrote down the assignment on the board with his marker. I wrote down on my journal just to remind myself of what needs to be done. As soon as he was done writing, he dismissed us with a reminder, “The assignment is due on Monday. I shall see you all.”

I got up and shoved my books into my bag, getting ready to go to my Composition class. When I entered in my classroom, I grinned because my professor is dressing very colorful. She is a short, plump woman wearing a purple shirt with bright neon colors of green, yellow and pink skirt. Her hair is like dirty brown color being done up in a ponytail with black elastic band with white headband. I smiled, liking her instantly because her clothes are screaming that she is a free-spirit and wild.

“Welcome to Composition. My name is Professor Bimby. You may call me Bimby or Prof. What we will be doing in Composition is writing short stories, journal, and learning how to phrase things. I will try to be a fun teacher for you all students.” Class chuckled at that. I grinned. Ama was trying to keep her face straight as she signed what the professor was saying. Bimby had us write a short story about who we are. “Okay class! Time’s up! Now I want each student to stand up here and tell us what you wrote.” I noticed everyone just about groaned at that, but students did get up and tell us about who they are. I was next. I nervously stood up there facing the class with my paper in my hand. I glanced at Prof. and saw her nod at me.

I cleared my throat. “Hello, my name is Annamarie. I am known as Marie by my friends and family. I am deaf and I am proud of who I am. I am from California and just recently moved here to start new chapter of my life. I enjoy having fun and having a life. I enjoy working out, staying in fit, and just meet people. I plan on living my life to my fullest and be a psychologist for children. Thank you for listening to my story.” I hurriedly walked over to my desk before my nerves began to attacking me. I knew I was confident with who I am, but I do have my moments where I doubt myself and I am feeling it right now.

“My, you are brave. You want to be a psychologist to children. May I ask why?” Bimby gently asked me.

“I want to be able to help children who have gone through any trauma or problems.” I replied.

She smiled at me. She glanced at her watch and exclaimed, “Oh, my! I am running you guys over my hour. Have a good day. I will see you on Monday!”

I calmly gathered my stuff into my book while kids streamed out of the class. As I walked out of my classroom, I was trying to decide what to do for today when I caught a glimpse of Alex walking. Oh my! He really is gorgeous! Strong and certain walk could mean that he has confidence in himself and that he knows that he is every woman’s dream. I do not want him to be my dream, but hmm, look at that butt! I better keep away from him! He could only mean heartbreak and problems for me which I don’t need. I sighed, walking away into another direction.

I had noticed that I do notice things about him that I have never noticed about other guys. Like how strong and graceful he seems, how he seems to be such a gentleman to his sister and how he seems to know what his sister is thinking. He has gorgeous smile! I began to wonder more about them as the days I have been here has progressed. Abby has never said anything much about their family. I wanted to Google them so bad. I had refrained from doing so because I was afraid I would come off as stalker or some psycho. I didn’t want to give any wrong impression. I stopped and glanced over to where Alex was at. I caught him staring at me and I gasped. I hurriedly entered into my dormitory. Once I had entered in my dorm, I quickly glanced to see if Abby was around, when I was done glancing I knew she wasn’t home and I gave out a huge sigh of relief. I didn’t want to explain anything to Abby.

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