The Twilight Saga

1. New Room

I am Ferisse Gershner, 16 years old, born on may 13. only child of Edward Gershner and Felicity Messing-Gershner.

So here we are again, unpacking our things. We just moved in our new house-again. I’m used to it because of my dad’s work. He travels a lot and he can’t bearto leave me and my mom alone, so any where he will be destined, will be the place where me and my mom will live. Temporarily.

“ferisse, darling, this will be your new room. Fix your things okay? I’ll just call you later for dinner.” My mom said. “okay mom, and by the way, tell dad that I’m happy for giving me my own room.” I said. “oh, right. Well, start now.” My mom said, heading to the door. I started cleaning the room first, and then get my things out of my box. I put my clothes in my cabinet. Arrange my books in the bookshelf, (yes! I’m a bookworm.) most of them are written by Nicholas sparks, William Shakespeareand my total obsession-the twilight saga by stephenie meyer. I am one of those people who screams out loud when they hear anything about twilight. And then, after arranging my books, I change the beddings and put in place my favorite stuff toy, sparkle. I have her since I was 3 years old and I love her so much. She is my companion and my best friend. Because of our changing locations frequently, I don’t have real friends, that’s why sparkle is the only one who I can turn to. She is always there for me like my parents.

By 7:30 pm, “ferisse, dinner time!” my mom called me. “coming!” I yelled and I rush down the stairs and tripped over the last step “ouch!” as I groaned, my mom is already by my side, “are you alright honey?” “yes mom, thank you.” “darling, you are already 16 years old, please learn how to take care of yourself, we’re not always by your side, remember that always.” My mom told me as I stood up. “Mom, I know how to take care of my self, it’s just that my klutziness always come in my way. Amf!” I told her. “Ok ok honey, just be careful next time okay? We don’t want our baby girl to be hurting.” Uh oh. “mom! I’m not baby any more!” I groaned. “hmm. Right. Let’s just eat.”

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Comment by Lorelei on June 16, 2009 at 5:12am
i love it!

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