The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 13 The Hunt -

I took Renesme and put her on my shoulders.I handed her a cookie,and headed out the door,as long as I could help it,she wasn't staying with Rachel.
We headed straight for the woods,I knew I wouldn't find them going in,but I had to try.I went to the Cullen's house and knocked on the door.Rosalie answered.She wore a pair of jeans,a plaid button up shirt,and a towel in her hand.Her hair blonde hair was pinned up in a pony-tail.It took me a minute staring at her to realize who it was but Renesme informed me."ROSE!" She yelled as loud as she could,which for her was loud.
Rosalie chuckled at her.I smiled."Well.Everyone within a mile now knows there is someone named Rose around here.." I muttered and stared at Rosalie.I finally realized what she'd been doing.Her car.
"What do you want?" She said.Not as mad at me as she usually was but more like annoyed I interupted whatever she was doing.I fought the urge to ask her about her car.
"Where's the rest of your family? I need to talk to them..." I murmured.Looking over her shoulder.Rosalie put her arm in the way of my view.
"Yes some of them are,but what do you want?" She smiled.I sighed.
"Alright.It's Logan,they think he's with me I'm sure,but I have no idea where the kid went." I sighed.Impatient for her to move.Rosalie stared at me for a momment.Almost as if trying to remember to trust me or not.She stepped out of the way.
I nodded."Thank you!" And walked around her.Edward was sitting at the piano,but he wasn't playing at the momment.
Renesme tugged my hair in the direction of him."Daddeh!!" She cheered.I chuckled and put her down.She ran to him.I sighed looking around.
A room full of vampires.Bad memories of that situation.Jasper and Alice sat on the couch staring at me.Emmett was now suddenly at Rosalie's side behind me.Edward was sitting at the Piano,Renesme on his lap.She was playing the piano.And she was doing good.No one else in the room seemed to be as aware of that as I was.I grinned watching her until Carlisle caught my attention.
"Hello Jacob Black,Edward says you need to talk to us." I quickly turned to face him.I nodded.Trying my best to ignore Renesme's piano skills.I looked around at the rest of them.Esme was at Carlisle's side.Bella was leaning on the piano watching us all.She was aware of her daughter too.Watching her out of the corner of her eye.Smiling.
"Yes I do.Have any of you seen Logan?" I glanced around them again.
"Logan? That boy that you carried in here?" Rosalie spoke up.
I nodded.
Rosalie muttered a curse."When we left to go hunting he was here.Asleep,on the other end of the couch,with you and Renesme."
"So.. He ran away?" Emmett asked.Eyebrow's pulled together,arms crossed,standing protectivly behind Rosalie.
Rosalie sighed and nodded.
Renesme was no longer playing the piano.She was watching me.Everyone,was watching me.
"What?" I finally asked.Disturbed by all the attention.
"You know more about wolves than any of us,should we just let him run or try and find him?" Edward asked.Staring at me intently for a reply.
"They aren't the same thing.I'm not one of them,I don't know!" I sighed.Wishing we could forget the thing ever even existed,though,that would be like saying no
one,including me, in this entire house existed.I chuckled quietly at that thought.They all turned,except Edward,back to figure out my humor.
"Rather you like it or not all of this is real and we have to figure out if that child is a problem." Edward said,breaking the silence.
Rosalie shook her head."I don't think he could be.He seemed at least civilized enough to know not to tell anyone.
Carlisle nodded."I don't believe the Voltori would act,consitering it's not their area of being,let's hope they stick with punishing vampires."
I glanced at Renesme,curious of her take on this.She had her own experiences with this subject.She was watching very closely,to everyone that spoke while they spoke.She looked a bit disturbed by the word Voltori I couldn't blame her though.
"Yeah,can we please end this conversation with hope?" I finally spoke up."I think it's disturbing Renesme alittle.."
Edward nodded in agreement.Renesme looked at me when I said her name but went back to her piano.Edward smiled and played with her.
Let's hope on hope.I thought and listened to them play.

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Comment by Bailey Cullen Black on September 27, 2010 at 5:49pm
Thank you!! I will!
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really good, please continue! Cant wait for the next one!
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Lol Sorrry.but thank you.
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kk I will - and Thank you!!
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Wow that was good. Yu have to write more and send me the link please?? xx

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