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Then it was obvious. Jacob's sweet warm blood scent filled my glands. Then the lust for his blood turned into anger. Anger that he was running. Running He has always been so fearless around me. He always would laugh when I would try to attack him. I knew it was because our relationship once was so intimate. Now it was different. I could sense the fear. I stopped in the clearing of trees.Had I really chased around La Push. I hadn't been here in so long. The memories were hardly there. Somehow I traced back the memorie of the meadow. The meadow where so much happened. Now it was time to make new memories here. The memory of chasing down my maybe someday son-inlaw for knocking up my daughter. Great. I dont think Jerry Springer could even help us out of this mess. I stood there I couldnt hear him running. "Jacob come out hear you scared puppy." I said almost laughing at his immatureness. Then he slowly pushed himself out of the trees . Even though he was still a wearwolf I could see the worry and fear in his eyes. "I'd prefer to talk to human." I saw his pants tied to his back leg. I expected him to back in the woods. Nope. I gasped and turned away. "A clothed human!" I faught to keep my voice down. We werent that far from the Cullen's. "Come down, Im dressed." I sighed and hesitantly turned around. I couldnt believe he was laghing."You freak out over the littlest stuff." He said still buttoning up his jeans. I bought those jeans for him two months ago and they already were worn out. "Jacob I will never be able to unimagine that 4th of a second glimpse i got of you naked." He laughed again. "Oh please you probably didnt even wanna look away." He said while grinning. "But seriously right now all I'm fighting is the urge to kill you." His face returned to the depressed worried jacob. "Bella I'm sorry.... I really am I just love her so much and..." He fell to the ground and wiped his eyes. I'd never seen Jake like this. Even though I felt so much hate towards him when he breaks down in front of me its so hard not to care for him. I knelt down to the ground. He sat there with his head in his knees. I pressed his head to my stomach and rubbed his back. "Jake even when you knock up my daughter I still love you." I sighed. He backed away. "Bella the reason I ran is because I didnt know what else to do." He said his voice cracking. "Just come, support her." He layed down on the dead grass. "Jake you say you love her, then why would you hurt her like that." I did all i knew to make him come back. "Bella I dont know I'm so stupid." I rolled my eyes. "We have all established that both of you are idiots, but we cant keep on dwelling on your stupidity. We have to act on the situation." I turned to face him. "If... i were to come back do you think i would survive. I mean not that any of you would be able to take me down." I rolled my eyes again. I rubbed his knee. "Yes, Jake I will make sure no one gets to you before I do."

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Comment by Caley Anne Hummel on December 1, 2009 at 9:25pm
getting better all the time....your even starting to think like the characters..that last line is so bella.
Comment by нeaven aвove on November 30, 2009 at 9:48pm
Love it.
Comment by Samantha on November 30, 2009 at 7:53pm
wow luv it write more

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