The Twilight Saga

Chapter One

The Beginning

Staring at the huge doors that would take me into the beginning of my college days. The college is big and huge with several buildings surrounding the main college building. The cool breeze of September weather greeted me. I am standing in front of Hall of Main. Old bricks that are fading colors and beautiful green grass. Surrounding buildings are both classrooms and dormitories. The dormitories are at the far end of the left side of the main college building. Glancing around me, I saw people running and mingling around the yard. Only two people caught my eye. Two gorgeous people who are sitting under the tree chatting. What caught my eye is that they look gorgeous like models. The female had long black hair and pale skin and very skinny. The male is tall, black hair and also has pale skin.

Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I glanced around to my left side to see who was tapping my shoulder. A tall, tanned raven haired boy smiled and said, “Hello. My name is Richard. Are you lost?” He seemed to be of an Indian descent. He had almond wide brown eyes, jaw length raven hair, dark tan skin (not quite dark tan but also not light tan), wide shoulders and very tall (he must be around six foot or taller).

I smiled, shaking my head and said, “No. My name is Annamarie. I am new here. Am just overwhelmed.” For a second I thought I mispronounced some words, but then he smiled at me.

“I totally understand. Don’t be offended, but may I ask if you are either deaf or hard of hearing?”

Chuckling, I replied, “Deaf. I can lip read and speak, obviously. You didn’t offend me.”

“I was curious. You speak well. Do you wear cochlear implant or hearing aids?”

I stood there looking like a dumbstruck girl. “How do you know about cochlear implants? Not a lot of people have heard about them. I wear a cochlear implant.” Cochlear implant is a device that helps deaf people hear sounds. It has an electrode that sends waves to the cochlea in which transmits sounds to the brain.

“Oh I have a friend who has a relative who’s deaf and wears a cochlear implant.” He explained. “Are you from around here?”

“No, I am not. I am from Yuda, California. Moved here for college.” I explained. Suddenly, I saw how I must look to him. Short, pale skinned with long blonde hair and blue eyes, plain compared to those tanned Californians. I probably looked like a lost waif to him.

“Hm, you are pale, not tan and you are from California. Ha-ha. What did you do? Stay inside all day from the sun?” Richard asked.

“Ha-ha, funny. No, I love outdoors. My mom always looked pale and my dad is fair skinned. So as a result, I look both fair skinned and pale.” I explained patiently, glancing at my watch. “Oh my! I am going to be late for my Introductions to Psychology class!”

“Ok Annamarie. I will catch you later. Have fun in class.” Richard said.

“You can call me Marie.” I said to him before running off to my first class. Walking into my classroom, I saw my interpreter sitting the corner. I smiled and introduced myself to her.

“Hello. I am your interpreter, Ama.” She signed. She is a short skinny girl sitting on the red plastic chair. Her hair is short and spiky in a rocker type of way. Her face is round and kind.

Finding a spot to sit, I took the right books out of my book bag and waited for the class to start. As people started to walk into class, I noticed that one of them is the woman I saw sitting under the tree. The woman who I thought looked like a model. She sat next to me. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. I realized that calling her a model is a wrong word to use. Perhaps super-model would be a better word for this beautiful woman. She has long jet-black hair with pale skin and deep butterscotch with hint of brown eyes. She has full lips and has such kindness in her eyes. She is wearing a deep blue dressy shirt with black khaki pants and black boots. I couldn’t help but admire her beauty. Out of corner of my eye, I saw older person entering, so I glanced at the man. He looked around the room. He was perhaps in his mid-forties wearing a tan tweed jacket and a tan khaki pants, not very tall but not too short either. He is not thin nor big, just a bit stocky. He said, “Hello class! I would like to introduce myself. I am Mr. Bells. Please state your names and why you are taking this class.” He pointed at me to start. I blushed and stood up.

“Hello. My name is Annamarie. You can call me Marie. I am taking this class to be a child psychologist.” I introduced myself with a clear speech.

The woman next to me said, “My name is Abigail. You may call me Abby. I am taking this class because I am fascinated with psychology.” She smiled and sat down. When she smiled, her face transformed into kind person and she had perfect white teeth.

I couldn’t stop staring at her. When she looked at me, I looked away quickly. Before I had looked away, I did see that she was curious about something. I was having hard time concentrating on my interpreter while the professor was explaining about what the class is about and what we would be doing. “Okay everyone. I would like for you to all to read chapter one and we will discuss about what you learned from that chapter. Have a good day!” Mr. Bells said. He dismissed us when the class ended.

I quickly wrote down the assignment into my planner. I rose and stuffed my books into my book bag getting ready to go to my next class of Human Sexuality. I think it will be interesting to see how that class goes. I blush easily whenever someone talks about sex. I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I glanced up and was startled to see that it’s the woman named Abby who is tapping my shoulder. I raised my eyebrow. “Yes, Abby?” I asked.

She smiled and asked, “Where are you headed next?”

I blushed and said, “Um, human sexuality. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, that is where I am headed next too. Would it be okay if I walk with you?” She asked.

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