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Chapter 2 - Bachlorette Party?... No copyright infringement intended!

Us girls hopped into Esme's car.

"Aunt Alice?" i asked nervously

"Yeah hon?" she said

"where are we really going?" i replied nervously

"like i said to run errands for the wedding" she said, holding back laughs

Mom spoke "so much for the surprise..."

"What? What do you mean? where are we going!?" i contradicted them

"Oh, honey it was supposed to be a surprise! But we're... well we're throwing you a bachlorette party!" mom said

"You're taking me to a strip club?!!!?" i yelled,blushing

"Oh dear,no" esme said laughing

"We're doing it vampire style." said aunt Rose

"um what does that mean?" I asked nervously

"well long story short,it includes a lot of traveling and a lot of hunting" said mom

"Where are we going though? Where are we traveling to?" I asked, now very curious

"Actually," Aunt Rose said, "we werre just going to go to the airport and let you decide!"

"Seriously?" I asked

"Of course" said Mom "but first we have to go hunting"

"Well, I've always wanted to go to the Great Barrier Reef, but I dont have a swimsuit..." I said dissapointed

"are you kidding," Aunt Alice exclaimed, "I had our bags packed weeks ago!"

We hunted for about two hours.We took our time getting the best prey. after that we went to the airport. We ended up going to Australia, Isle Esme, Paris and London. Good thing the wedding wasn't for a week and a half.. I'd be tired for days!

We finally booked a hotel so i could sleep. Mom told me we were going to go home the next day. I didn't mind. I missed my Jacob. I couldn't wait too see him.

All of a sudden I was woken up by my Mom shaking me. The clock said 4:30 AM. Huh?

She was crying tearless sobs. " she whispered "Honey we have to go. Grandpa had a heart attack."

My heart sunk. This was serious. Grandpa wasn't indestructable like us. He was human.

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Comment by Applegirl on October 10, 2009 at 12:32pm
Due to a surprise roadblock,I may have to change the name of my story,Waning Moon. If you've read it,please leave title ideas in comments
Comment by Applegirl on June 5, 2009 at 3:34pm
Chapter 3: At the Hospital

We were at the airport in minutes.

"Mom," I whispered," Is grandpa going to be okay"

She sobbed tearlessly, "I don't know honey, I hope so." She replied

I had been crying for hours. If my family could cry, they certainly would be. On the flight home, all Mom did was call Dad repeatedly and ask for updates. Esme was trying to comfort her, but it just didn't work.

Dad said Grandpa was in stable condition. When we finally got to Forks, we got into the car and raced to the hospital. When we got there, Uncle Billy, Dad, Carlisle, Emmett, and Jake were there. (Uncle Jasper still couldn't handle hospitals, with all the blood around.)

Me, Dad and Mom went into Grandpa's room. He had known we never age for about a decade, but he didn't know why. Luckily, Grandma wasn't there yet. She also knew we didn't age, but it upset her and she didn't ever discuss it.

He was awake. He seemed like the same old grandpa. We hugged him and then the doctor wanted to talk to mom. The doctor didn't know,but we heard everything. Apparently he was doing fine and could go home in three days. Mom signed some papers, then all of us, by her wishes, went to our Forks home without her. It was still pretty nice, as a cleaning crew had been hired to clean it once a month. I ran, literally, to a convienient store and picked up some food for Jake and Billy, who where staying overnight.

I fell asleep around 1:00 in the afternoon and woke up at 5:00. Between staying up late and jet lag, I couldn't be sure what time it was. We went to see Grandpa again and he was doing fine. Most of the time, i sat in the waiting area.

I suddenly remembered my wedding was in 10 days. Wow.

We had to be careful not to be seen by any humans who would still reconize us. I had to do most of the errands since the last time I was here, I looked much younger and I wasn't seen by many people.

We planned that after Grandpa was better and back at home, we would stay until two days before the wedding.
grandpa said he felt fine, but we were still worried.

We went to go see the werewolves. Of course, they all looked the same as they had last time we had seen them.

Grandma came by and started to cry the moment she saw mom.

She took a deep breath. " I've missed you so much honey"

Mom smiled " I've missed you too, Mom"

Grandma noticed me standing there " Is that my little Renessmee?"

I smiled and nodded " Oh come on," I joked, "i'm not that short!"

"Oh come give you're old grandma a hug!"

I hugged her. "Where's Phil?"

"He's getting us a hotel.We thought since you were staying, we would too and go to Alaska with you for the wedding!"

Mom lit up "That's a great idea! We can spend more time together!"

We all said goodbye too Grandpa while Mom and Grandma stayed behind.

We got to the house and me and Jake watched a movie. The ending credits came on. We kissed.

"Just ten more days" I reminded him

"ten long, suspensful days of waiting" he said

I laughed " I love you"

"What!?" He joked, " That's the first I've heard of this!!"

We laughed "I love you too" he said.

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