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----Were is my baby?--- Bella ask, when I came in without our daughter. I din't now what to say, I falt so ashamed of my self, for not finding her. But I knew where she was, or at least where they had her. When she saw that we do not have her, she look out the door, completely ignoring me.

---Jake? Jake! Jake have her rite? Where is he?---- her penetrating look hut, hurt a lot.

---Jacob has kept us informed abaut the cours of the kidnapper. We just came for some stuff.---I went to my room for my passaport.---- I need some clothes, Renesmee must grow something.--- Bella look at me with a face full of concern.---- Dear do not worry, we will find her.---

---And how you now where she is?---- she ask

---Jacob had fallowed her to de Canadian coast, think that goes to Italy.---I could not stand more, see my loved one suffered. I ensure that Emmet and Carlisle had everything, I gave one last look at Jasper that was steing with the girls to keep calm Bella. I gave one last check and came out to the airport. Not return to this house without my daughter.


---Jake, Edward is on the way to the airport.---Seth told me from the Cullen's house.

----Is, ok mmm....----I do not now waht to do. I had to keep running, get to Italy, knew that they were there, but I could do no more, could not continue, but needed, my life, my soul would die if anything happened to my moon. Yeas, My Moon. I don't know whay I compared Renesmee to the moon. Maybe because she was white as the moon, but hot like the day. Renesmee would let me always howl for her, wich literally make her shudder with laughter. Or wanted as Bella use to tell me i was her piece of the sun, may i thought it made sense. We were like the sun and the moon, totally opposite. But that did not matter, beacause I wanted you do not see the sun at night but he is always carefull abaute the moon.

So consumed in my thoughts stumbled and fell.

---Jake!! Are' riht??--- Seth and Leah asked me in unison

---yea.. I onlly fell--- I said something stunning. Did not give me my strength to get up. Try to do a cuple of times but could not.

---Do not worry we will go for you. Do not move.--- Leah told me, but they could not come. I had to find Ness, is my fault they had taken. If onley I had not slept.

---Do Not Jacob Black!!! Was not your fault!!! You well know you tell them you were tired and they left you with it anyway. Nobody know they were going for her, so make me a favor and do not blame yourselft.---discussed Leah. I could not order them with the voice of alpha, did not come for me. So they could disobey my order and started running in my search. I felt bad, I had a terrible famine had not eaten for a long, I think that more than a week. I was starting to get cold so that was a bad signal. Although I was dumped in a forest where snow does not stop. So expect them to arrive thinking that they had to bring me some clothes because of wolf I did not last long.

---I'm on that.---said Seth. But I hardly hear it. I was sleeping, I could not stand. Listen to something but did not understand, I had fallen in a deep sleep.

I began to see a warm forest ( This was definitely not) and then a cabin, a well-know, was Bella's cabin. I got there rushed, Nessi had to be there, nobody had taken her and she was asleep and it was all a horrible nightmare. I enter to her room and I bring me a big surprise. She was there sleeping, but that was not what I was surprise but someone ealse was wiht her. He was a tall stout and reddish skin moraine, he was me. That made me realize it was the same day of the kidnapping.

Bella and Edward were not home it was just Ness and I, but not by much. Then I saw it was as small as always. She opend her eyes and look at me, then smiled whit her woarm smile. She wave a little hand for me to come closer, but I could not move. Then I saw the other me taward her and knelt before her,asking,"Wath's up Ness?" tendrly. I never imagine that come the day I see my self so corny. Then I put her little hand in my cheek and show me something I did not remeamber well.

---Forgive me---she said when she stop touching me. A reminder covered my head whit those words. I was in front of her whit a stature of a seven years old. Then I uderstood that she was sorry. She must have heard me talk whit Bella on the subject, the day before. Bella and Edward recently took it out a lot. " Jake you have to understand that Nessi will not grow sufficiently for now, it will be very difficult to maintain a relationship wiht her." They said. "I do not care if she looks likea baby, I just wish to make her happy and give her all she wants. You really do not understad the inpronta right?" I had ask before I got mad.I could not understand whay she apologize for that. I could not belive that one 4 yearold apologize for not being able to grow enough, to never get a physical of a girl.

---I don't care Ness, you're everything to me and you know I will do anything for you.---Seeing as the other me say dose things to Renesmee, I felt jealous, I could not restrain myself.

---You know me too... You're my beast friend. But since you're ganna do anything for me, you'll need to get some sleep, because if you want me to be honest whit you, you look awfull.--- I started to laugh as they, could not stand it.

---Ok, ok, but you also have to sleep, is too late for a girl of your age to be up.---I touched her nose. I saw as i ley in bed and as she snuggled into my chest and closed her eyes like him. And the anger began to enter to mine. "How as it occurret to me? NOT fall asleep Jacob!, JACOB!!" I was totally outraget for fallen asleep again. I look at Renesmee again and saw how she open her eyes again took my hand and snuggled and fall asleep again completely. I knew that soon would be there that stupid bloodsucker. If I just got up and grabbe her, blonde, esses white and incredibly beautifull. She was appraching and i could not move, and do not get a idea why.

---Jake! Jake!--- a voice calling me from the forest, it was Leah. But she had not called me that night, something was wrong.

---Come on, you lift Jacob!---

---Treat it well, Leah. I think he is hurt.---Said another well known voice, apparently Embry was also there.

---I have time here trying to lift stride, also still has the same nightmare as always. I have to lift not bear it if it gets worse.---Leah's voice saunds histerical.

---It's very rare that he is not lifted yet. He is the kind that gets up at the slightest noise.

---Jake? Jake?--- Embry call me softly

---JACOB BLACK!!---cry Leah.

"OK, I'm up" They were words that came out of my mouth, it was a howl. I had forgotten that I still in phase.

---Is ok, I'm on it, the clothes will arrive soon---Seth said. Embry and Leah looked at me from above in his human form. Behind them was Quil, who recognized for its chocolate-colored coat. Quil greeted me with a muzzle movement to which I responded the same. Try to lift up Trembling but my legs could not bear my weight.

---Do not worry, everything is ok.--- he said so sincerely that I was abaute to believe him. They forced me to not stand up untill Seth stop right next to Quil that keep watching. Leah took the clothing that was in his mouth and threwto me.

----There you go, switch.---said turning angry. She knew that I don't like her to see me naked, though she had do it before.

Quil and Embry healped me stand up, to go out of phase. Eambry healped me to put on some jeans and a t-shirt of longs sleeves.Seth seems to reminded that I felt cold, which worried me for a moment. Then I realized Quil's face... not know how to describe it. His face was relly ugly to me, what bothers me.

---What??--- I ask without knowing what the hell was rong, as I remove the snow off of me. I did not think it was somthig serious, because besides ugly it was a fonny gesture.

----You look awful.---Embry look at me wiht the same face that I assumed Quil would have out of phase.

---I have not eaten in. . . ----I mused. Something tells me that I had spent much time sleeping.---How long I slept?---

---Four days.---Embry told me

---Four horribles days, and wiht the same dream over and over.---Leah said turning back.

---And Renesme? Do they find her??---I ask wiht hope. I had to see her, need her close. She was like the moon for me, my own moon, which could howl as often as i wanted. No matter when or how, she answered all my calls.

---Yes, Edward called to said he would arrive soon, and to reassure Bella.---Informed me Leah trying to hide a small smile on her face.I felt as the calm covered me. Nessi was safe and that was what mattered.

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Comment by Meaghan on July 31, 2010 at 4:20pm
this is interesting.... write more plz!!!
Comment by Seashell0303 on July 31, 2010 at 5:05am
did you add to this.Because I dont remember reading the second part.
Comment by Seashell0303 on July 30, 2010 at 7:43pm
OMG................Write more this is intense.

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