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Chapter 2: Eye contactAs we went to sit at one of the tables, not far from Edward and his family. I could hear the boys taking it in turns to describe my ‘heavenly’ features I almost laughed when I h…

Chapter 2: Eye contact
As we went to sit at one of the tables, not far from Edward and his family. I could hear the boys taking it in turns to describe my ‘heavenly’ features I almost laughed when I heard.
“Look at her; she is like a Greek goddess. Her perfect jet black Spanish waves; it’s like a river flowing down her shoulders. Her flawlessly cupid carved lips. They could set you to eternal sleep. Her faultless engraved nose. Her marvellous jaw line. Her stunning sun kissed complexion. How I long to stroke her cheek.”Then he stopped, I looked at him and smiled. He froze and looked down at his plate. He was embarrassed that I caught him. I turned away from them. To see Edwards whole family staring intently at me. I bowed my head quickly. I still don’t know why I was the one how looked away when they were the ones staring. Then I realized why they were staring.
“Mike we get the point she is perfect. Their is something up with her. I can’t put my finger on in. That’s it I’ve got it. Her eyes, they are a deep gold. It’s just like the Cullen’s.”I felt a shiver down my back. I can’t believe this I have only been here just over four hours. This must have been what Maria saw the first time we came here. Honestly, you have the power to see key events in a person’s life just by laying your eyes on them, and you decide not to tell them this. Hopefully they would forget about it soon enough. Or I would have to get Clide to use his mind control or freeze time of something. Once I got that out of my mind I moved on to the bigger issue. Edward and his family, I could hear them discussing about me. I glanced over Dominic’s head at them
“Just because she has extremely icy skin and golden eyes does not classify her vampire. Plus her skin has too much colour and she fidgets excessively. She could not possibly be a vampire. It’s ludicrous.”Said a beautiful blonde girl. She seemed not to like the fact that I could be a vampire, did she consider me competition.“Rose, scared of a bit of competition?”Mocked an equally as attractive boy. He had dark chocolate brown hair, he was very well built. Slightly menacing. He reminded me of the first time I met Clide. Speaking of Clide it seemed like all him and Dominic spent this whole time embracing, whilst I on the other hand was going out of my mind panicking. “Hey you two if you mind letting go of each others faces for a second.” almost snapped both their necks. I was so frustrated you could see it on my face.
“Chill lax, you always get in betweens us because you have been single for half a century.”She realized that she had hurt me very deeply; it was my one weakness. The feeling grew stronger as the sound of his voice grew louder. My head started spiraling; it felt as though the feeling was spreading through me like a disease of the heart. By the time I had regained compositor Dominic looked like she was going to kill herself because of what she said.
“I am so sorry, it slipped out, and I did not mean it” I was not ready to talk to her. For the rest of lunch we did not utter a word to each other. She spent her time on her iPod spent my time eyeing up Edwards family. They were still discussing portably about my supernatural statues.
“Did you see her in gym, you could see the way she was trying to miss the tennis balls. Also when she did hit the ball not even Emmet could send it back. Tell them Emmet.”
“That is true she hit at like at hundred miles per hour. It was annoying because I had to use the maximum force that I am allowed to show humans. Plus she got me actually running for some. They were just coming out from the blue. “
“Well you know those celebrities they all have to stay very fit; it does not necessarily mean she is a vampire. She does a lot of exercise, I have seen her dance. What? I did my research.”
“Alice, a year’s worth of dancing continually could not get you that fit”
“Well from what I see in the future they are going to be confronting us, soon”
“Maybe they have been listening”
I certainly was listening. I was listening so hard I did not notice my phone vibrating on my hip so much I looked like I was having fit.
”Oh my gosh, answer your bloody phone.”I could see the fake frustration on Clide face.”Don’t –“Before I could say anything my phone was at my ear. I hated it when he used his mind control on me. It made me feel powerless. It was Maria.
“The weather is going to be very nice tomorrow. You are going to tell them it’s a photo shoot.”
“Am I?”
“Yes you are, tell the other two. Where do you want to go to for your first hunt?
“Anywhere with lots of dear”
“There is a reserve not very far that has a new instalment of baby dear.”
“I am not feeding on baby dear it’s cruel.”
“No not the baby’s .They is trying to get the little ones to bread but the old ones keep getting in the way. So we are going to do them a favour.”
“Oh, I see”
“Sometimes I wander how long you have been alive”
“I am only kidding”
“Oh before I forget, Maria have you see anything interesting in our lives lately?”
“Yes but I can’t tell you because I prefer you to live your life naturally. You know that already.”
“I know that. It’s just that their are some people that are on the brink of realizing what we are and I wanted to know if they would.”
“Trust me they are absolutely harmless. I can see that you are very fond of Edward.”
“No, I just find him very interesting.”
“And so does he.”
“What!” It was like someone slapped me out of the blue. I was so confused that I all I could was Maria laughing in the background.
“Oh Forks is going to be very Dramatic”
“Good bye” She was still laughing when I ended the call. What did she mean ‘so did he’? That’s the one thing with Maria she tells you something and just leaves you hanging of a cliff. I was so momentarily distracted by Maria s comment that I did not notice a member of Edward s family getting up from their seat to walk towards us.”Hello, welcome to forks high school. I am Alice Cullen
“Hi, I am Kellie.
“Wow you’re the only person that had nerve to actually speak to us everyone else just stares at us. Its quiet irritating”
“You can’t blame them for being scared”
“What to you they are scared of me?”
“Dominica it’s because you are intimidating”
“I am not, plus Alice is here isn’t she?”
“Well maybe if you would stop denying every thing I could listen to what she is saying”
“Oh no, that all. I wanted to make sure you were ok.”That is all she wanted, all she needed. She had what she thought was evidence that we are humans. I also gathered all I needed. I noticed that she also had deep golden eyes. It was almost conclusive evidence. Their was one thing I was missing. She was walking away so I quickly got out of my seat and lightly tapped her shoulder and that was it. I realized I had not thought it through, when people tap someone’s shoulder it often represents that they have something to say. I quickly improvised. “Umm...Are you Edwards’s sister?”It was the only thing that came into my mind. Speaking of minds, I bet Edward already guessed I was faking the whole thing.”Yes I am.”She smiled so innocently I was starting to doubt my theory.”Wow you can really see the family. “
“Really? I don’t see it.”
“Trust me you look almost like twins” she laughed it sounded like a chorus of bells.
“If I am anyone’s twin its Emmet.”
“That’s him over their.”She was pointing at the same boy i mentioned earlier

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Comment by Amor Murilllo on January 24, 2011 at 12:16pm
Omg awesome
Comment by Pamela Schumacher on November 18, 2010 at 5:43am
She can't fall for Edward; he's with Bella.

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