The Twilight Saga

Chapter 2: Missing

I trembled in complete terror as the huge canine sauntered towards us. Its blazing red eyes looked crazed, and a wild, desperate snarl ripped through its massive jaws.
I stumbled back a step, and watched in horror as it appeared that Orcra was unable to move to get away. She just stared at the wolf in open-mouthed awe as it slinked towards her.
“Orcra,” I whined quietly “Come on, we have to get away!”
She appeared not to have heard me and stayed in place, trembling in what could only be fear.
“No Lupa,” she whispered, and I thought I could hear excitement in her voice. No, that wasn’t possible, I must have been mistaken. No-one would be facing death and sound thrilled like she did.
“Don’t you see?” she asked me, taking a huge step towards the monster of a dog that was still coming for her.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER! I screamed in my head. Couldn’t she see that this was not a puppy that would just sit around and let you pet it? Couldn’t she see that this was a mutant wolf, and I was probably going to kill her?
It started to rain, poring buckets into the ocean.
“Orcra, have you gone mad!” I tried to sound severe in my whisper, taking another step back at the same time. “That’s not a dog, it’s a…it’s a…well, I don’t know what it is, but you have to get away from it now! “
“Lupa, it’s a guardian, can’t you see that?” she asked in a mocking tone, reaching her hand up to reach its head. I felt like I was going to be sick when I saw the deadly glint in the monsters eyes, and it grinned, bearing sharp razors for teeth. I thought about what she said for only a second before I knew she was wrong in her assumption.
“No, Orcra no” I hissed, my fear taking over my better senses, and I took two more steps back. “The guardians had black eyes, remember. And… and the guardians have been gone for over 50 years. Can’t you see that?” I almost bolted, but I couldn’t abandon her.
The wolf smiled and she stroked it lovingly. Its giant eyes flickered to mine, and I lost my control.
I almost stayed, but I couldn’t bear it anymore. I turned and ran, scrambling away as fast as I could. I felt like screaming, and utter terror spread through me like wildfire. She didn’t even turn to watch me go, and just kept stroking the monster. It turned back and stared after me regretfully, and if it had forgotten to tell me something, but turned back and stared into Orcra’s eyes.

There had to be something I could do. Even though she was unaware of it herself, I knew she was in trouble. That one instant looking into the Canines eyes, and I knew she was wrong, because pure fire burned in its eyes, and somehow she couldn’t see that.
I had no idea how long I had until it turned on her, so I ran as fast as I could. I ran through a list of people I could tell, and came up with a very small amount. Most people would think I was crazy, and I don’t know, maybe I was, but I couldn’t chance that now.
I fled to the tribe chief’s new house, and wrapped on the door with the back of my hand, shaking in my socks. The door opened, and Sam Uley answered the door, his dark eyebrows raised in question.
“Please, you’ve got to help me” I whimpered, looking up at his towering figure.
“Um… now’s not a good time Lupa, can you come back later?”
“But Orcra’s in trouble. You see, there was this giant wolf, and she walked up to it, and its eyes were…” I started to plea, but he interrupted me suddenly.
“A giant wolf?” he questioned. I thought he was about to call me crazy, when suddenly stepped outside, interest flaring in his eyes. “Where is it?”
“Down at First beach,” I stammered. How did he not sound concerned for Orcra. It was a giant, evil, mutant wolf for crying out loud! Why was no one but me scared of the stupid thing? I felt like screaming, maybe getting a gun and shooting right through its head. I had a feeling that somehow, it would live through that though, and then it would just eat me. Sigh.
I watched as he leaped of the porch, and when running down the beach. I ran after him, tripping most of the way, and wondering in amazement how he ran so damn fast. He was far in front of me, and the rain felt like it was a hurricane level.
I fell and banged my knee on a rock, and looked down in time to see scarlet red blood ooze out of the wound that it left there. I lurched back up, but stumbled when my leg when rigid with pain. I dropped into a crouch, tore off the bottom hem of my old white shirt, and wrapped it tightly around my knee. I leapt up and limped after Sam again.
I went as fast as I could, considering that there was now wind strong enough to knock over a horse, or so I thought. I could only see sand whipping through the air, making my eyes burn and the rain pounded down all around me. I wondered if Sam was still trying to get through the storm, or if he had just stopped. I sat down and waited the storm out, feeling the wind rush across my skin. Somehow, I drifted into sleep lying on the cold beach in the poring rain.

When I woke up, the storm was over. The sky was a midnight black, and covered in scattered gray clouds. Great. Now I was going to be yelled at when I got home. Oh well, I had time to deal with that later. Orcra was the main priority now.
I hopped up onto my feet, only to wince and my knee started to throb. I pulled myself through the wet san sand and continued to trudge on towards First beach. I wondered idly how I’d made it there so fast before, and decided it was Probably because of the sloping hill , that I had been running down before, plus there hadn’t been as bad a storm then.
Finally I reached the long, narrow strip of beach that attached right into the darkest part of the woods. It was wider than before because of the winds, and a cold chill hung in the air from the freezing winds. I staggered towards the woods, only to see a lone figure standing, his back towards me, his eyes focused on the woods in front of him. Sam Uley had made it here after all.
He didn’t turn to look at me as I dragged myself over to the wood line boundary, looking into the looming shadows, where a huge trail was cut into the woods.

there was only one explanation to what had caused it; a monster sized wolf had tread its way, obviously lifting more than its accustom weight.
The wolf had gone back from where it had come, and taken Orcra with it.
NO! Not again. Was everyone I loved going to be taken away from me? Would this madness never end?
Sam turned to me, his eyes cold now, and disappointed. What was with this guy? Did he care nothing for Orcra, who had just been carried off by a monster? My best friend was about to die, if she wasn’t dead already. Did he not care? How did he not care? It was his duty to protect us, and now we were all dying somehow.
He lifted his shoulders, and looked down at me “Lupa. It’s too late to hide this from you now. Come. We need to talk.” As he walked away, I fallowed him, grief washing over me like a tidal wave.

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Comment by TeamEdward1918 on April 7, 2009 at 7:53pm
thanks, i seriously thinking about it. My parents and grandparents think so too.
Comment by TeamEdward1918 on April 4, 2009 at 10:32am
Lupa is the guy from the prolog's 15 year old daughter
Comment by Hannah on April 3, 2009 at 10:14pm
who is lupa..?
Comment by TeamEdward1918 on April 3, 2009 at 3:01pm
whoop doop de doo, its chapta 2

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