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“It’s good to see you again, Hal,” Natasha said, enthusiastic. Natasha is a good friend that I met when my mom first moved to England. She is 16, like me, and goes to the same school that I am now going to. We were in her new Kia Rio5 on our way to that exact place.
“Yeah. It seems like it has been forever,” I replied, emphasizing the word forever. I love hanging out with her. We always have a good time.
“Are you completely terrified?” she asked. She didn’t have to say what she meant. I already knew.
“Not so much terrified as I am nervous,” I answered. It was the truth. I was terrified, but the nervousness was more powerful.
“It’s okay. I looked at your schedule and we have every class together,” she tried to reassure me. And I was reassured.
“Really?” That was excellent news. At least I would have one good friend with me. “But I am still new. It will be hard making friends. Even though I have a really good one right here,” I added, patting her shoulder.
She smiled at the last sentence and said, “You won’t be the only new one. I hear there are five other new comers.”
As her sentence ended, we finally arrived at Seven Kings High School. We would be going to college, but Natasha and I were born late.
I don’t know what my face looked like, but it made Natasha ask, “Are you going to be okay, Hal?”
“Yeah,” my voice broke at the end, “let’s go.
As we got out of the car, I saw them. Stopping dead in my tracks, I stared after them for an endless amount of time. I tried, with all might, to look away. Finally, Natasha snapped me out of it when she hissed. As soon as the sound came out of her moth, the biggest one looked in our direction.
“Hey!” he waved when he recognized me. He trotted over while waving. “Hey. Hallie, right?” he asked once he reached me. Natasha hissed once more. We both looked at her.
“Yeah……” I answered. My answer sounded as if I was confused. And I was. Why had Natasha hissed? After a moment, the boy that I met on the airplane looked angry.
“It was nice seeing you again,” he said through his teeth. “Maybe I will see you in between classes,” he was talking to me, but was watching Natasha through narrowed eyes.
“Yeah, maybe.” And with that, he left.
Natasha didn’t bring it up the whole morning. I would have said something, but I didn’t want her to be angry. I mostly talked to only her. People seemed scared of her. They would just drift away without realizing it. It was very confusing.
Finally lunch came. We sat at a table that didn’t have many people sitting at it. I looked at Natasha as I sat down. She looked anxious. Like she was waiting for someone, or something like that.
“SIMON!” she yelled, and ran to the guy that was barely even walking through the cafeteria door. He opened his arms and she rushed into them. They hugged each other tightly. As they pulled away, they kissed. It seemed too private to keep looking.
As I looked the other way, I saw them AGAIN! They looked over at me, and it looked like the one that talked to me earlier was telling them to come meet me.
“Hey Hallie,” he said, sitting down across from me. His family, or friends, or whatever they were to him, were standing in front of the table.
“Hey,” I replied.
“Brett……” one of his people called warily. He ignored them.
“So, my brother Cameron is lonely…” he motions towards his brother, and I instantly remember him. He was the gorgeous one I sat next to on the plane. I am starting to think my face is easy to read because next he said, “you remember him, don’t you?”
“Yeah…” I didn’t want to remember the hatred in his eyes.
“He wanted to say something to you. If that’s okay,” Brett said politely.
I didn’t want to talk to Cameron- I guess that’s his name- but I didn’t want to seem rude. Knowing that my voice would betray me, I nodded my head. Cameron stepped forward. Right then, I was wishing Natasha was sitting next to me.
“Look, I know I behaved rudely on the plane, and I am sorry about that. It’s just that… I don’t really talk to any one but my family. I didn’t mean to be rude. I am not really used to people wanting to talk to me and have an actual conversation with me. So you must believe me when I say that I am terribly sorry for acting that way,” he apologized, sounding so sincere that it was hard not to forgive his behavior.
I never really paid attention to English accents, but his caught my attention. I was used to the way people talked here in England. Although this was true, his was different. His voice was one that should belong to an angel. So sweet and elegant, it was like velvet.
I noticed that, as I was drowning in the sweetness of his voice, they were waiting on my answer. They must have thought I was a lunatic.
“Um… apology accepted?” my confusion made my answer sound like a question. As they laughed at my response, I blushed.
He was keeping in the laughter by suppressing a smile and mouthed, “thank you.”
I nodded in return.
“So, now that everything is cleared up, we will be in our way,” Brett informed me. I didn’t want them to leave, and I am sure Brett could see that because then he added, “We will talk later. I have a feeling we will be good friends now. I am sure you saw the way your friend acted earlier, and we don’t want to cause trouble. So we will leave. For now.”
And with that, they left.

I noticed, throughout the day, that Natasha wasn’t in her usual bubbly mood. Ever since she saw me talking to Brett and his family, she looked murderous. After a while, she tried to put on a good face, but it looked strained. Her smiles never reached her eyes.
After endless moments of silence during the drive back to my house, curiosity got the best of me.
“What’s your problem?” I blurted out.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she answered.
“Either you are selfish and want me all to yourself, or you really don’t like Brett and his friends. Which one?” I retorted.
“Okay, first of all, two of them are his siblings. Two, they are no good. I want you to stay away from them Hallie.” She was serious. You can tell when she becomes serious, because when she does, there is a furrow in between her eyebrows. Just like there was right now.
I didn’t dare promise her that. I couldn’t! For one thing, they would want to talk to me. I was just entertaining myself with that idea. I was sure it wasn’t true. For another thing, I would very much like to talk to them. Brett was cool and I wanted to talk to Cameron again. To see him and hear his voice again would be like the heavens of all heavens. How many heavens were there?
Then a thought crossed my mind. “Wait. I thought you said they were new students,” I stated, deep in thought.
“Just because they are new to the school, doesn’t mean they are new to me. You must promise me that you will stay away from them,” she told me, furiously.
“I’ll see what I can do,” was all I could say.
She seemed to except that. The rest of the drive was in complete, awkward silence. As we kept driving towards my mother’s house, my thoughts transferred to Cameron. I was quite surprised, really. Today was the first day I actually talked to him and now I was already thinking about him.
Finally, we reached my mother’s house. There were two other cars in the drive way. That means her make up/hair stylist and wardrobe designer were there. She is a singer and for the show she wants to look “Princess Diana flawless.” This was actually kind of weird. She was already as beautiful as a supermodel. Probably even more beautiful than a supermodel.
“Wait here,” Natasha ordered as she climbed out of the car and into my house. A few minutes later, she walked back out of the door. She strutted to her car and didn’t even look my way as she passed bye. Why?
As I was contemplated her expression, I hear my mom yell, “Hallie Elizabeth Hilgard!”

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Comment by April D on March 20, 2009 at 12:59pm
I like your story very much. It was cool becuase even though it is aa Twhilight inspired story it is not exact. I am intrested in reading more so message me when you get some up. Keep up the good work
God bless

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