The Twilight Saga

When I heard Jacobs rabbit pull up I was upstairs in Esme and Carlilsle's house and at my new amazingly fast speed I ran downstairs and opened the door before Jacob had the chance to.I immediently took Renesmee out of his arms without a word.
JAKE:geesh wheres everbody at?

BELLA:they are all out visiting Tanya clan

JAKE:even Edward?

BELLA:NO! he wouldn't leave without me!

JAKE:then where is he?

BELLA:he's at our cottage

JAKE:well you did say all of them.

RENESMEE:mama look at all the shells me and Jake got!

BELLA:let me see them, and that reminds me Jacob.why did you keep Renesmee so late?

JAKE: you could've called.

BELLA:I didn't think I needed to call because I thought you were responsible enough to get her home at a decent time.

JAKE: this is a decent time!

BELLA: maybe for wearwolves but not for babies I mean come on Jake its 1 in the morning.

Through all of our little argument Renesmee was sound asleep in my arms.Then Jacob walked over to the couch and plopped on it and soon enough he too was asleep.I picked up all aof Renesmee's shell and put them in her red bag that Emmet gave her for her Birthday.(well the day we thought she was about the size of a1 year old, no way to tell for sure) Then Edward came in through the door and told me everyone will be back form Tanya's tommorow at noon exactly.

BELLA:how do you know exactly at noon?

EDWARD:remember your sister in laws uncanny gift of the future?

BELLA:oh yeah sorta almost forgot about that they've been gone for so long.

EDWARD:2 weeks Bella thats it.

BELLA:I know but still.

Me and Edward walked to our cottage with Renesmee in my arms I had to keep very still to jump over the river.We decided to just watch Renesmee sleep.

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