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Chapter 3- in cameron's point of view

cameron's point of view

Why was I so rude to her on the airplane? How has she caught my attention so immediately? Why did she have to be the most beautiful creature in the universe? Why could I not stop thinking about her?
I have talked to her- without being rude- all of one time, one time, and I can’t stop thinking about her. What is it about Hallie that draws me towards her?
I think she loves danger. She draws me in and has Brett wanting to be friends with her. She has a half-vampire half-werewolf as a best friend for crying out loud! Her life is a disaster waiting to happen.
“Cameron?” a familiar voice calls.
“What now Brooke?” I asked, rude once again.
I needed to control my rudeness. It wasn’t her fault. I was annoyed with myself for wanting Hallie. I shouldn’t- and couldn’t- want her. I barely knew her. By wanting her I risk the chance of either: getting her killed, or she would turn into a vampire. I could never take her soul by doing that to her.
“Okay. Well, I was talking to Anastasia and she said that Natasha told Emma about Hallie talking to you and Brett. Hallie isn’t going to ride with Natasha tomorrow. We were wondering if you were going to offer her a ride,” Brooke informed me.
So she didn’t have a ride. That is a tempting choice, but how would I explain to her how I found her house without asking her where she lives?
“Call Natasha. Ask if she is going to give Hallie a ride. If she says no, ask her where Hallie lives,” Brooke answered my thoughts. Sometimes I feel that, even though she is human, she can read my thoughts.
“Why would I call her?” I retorted.
“Well, for one thing, you won’t have to lie to Hallie if you pick her up tomorrow. For another thing, for now Natasha is a werewolf. Until she goes back to being a vampire, she will get angry at many things we do,” she answered, though I was being rhetorical.
“How do you know so much?”
“Hanging out with you vampires is rubbing off on me,” she mocked.
“So you asked Brett about the future and Anastasia about the present?”
“You know me so well,” she replied, sarcastically.
She tossed me the phone and left.
Do I want to call this creature? Do I want to pick up Hallie tomorrow? No to the first question. Yes to the second.
Would she want to ride with me? For this, I had no answer. The question tormented me. Would she? Should she?
This was getting ridiculous. I quickly dialed the numbers and waited. On the third ring, someone answered.


“Don’t worry Cameron. She is going to want to ride with us. She may be surprised at first, but she will accept your offer,” Brett was still trying to reassure me. I was getting annoyed. He misunderstood though. He thought I was worried about Hallie’s answer. I was actually just annoyed with him.
I stopped in front of her house and shot a glance at Brooke, she understood immediately. She quickly opened the door, jumped out, and rushed to the door. I looked at the steering wheel, trying to compose my face. I looked up in time to see Hallie and Brooke walking towards the car.
She did look confused, at first. As Brooke opened the door and Hallie saw me, her face lit up. What could I do besides smile in return? So I did exactly that. She smiled back. Her smile dazzled me. She was one of the- no the- most beautiful person I had ever seen.
Brett coughed, feeling awkward by the silence. Hallie looked away from me, in embarrassment, making the smile go away. I looked at Brett and glared.
“Hey Brett, Cameron,”- I loved how my name sounded when she said it- “and, um, I didn’t quite catch your names.”
I smiled, looking into her past- my gift was seeing people’s past. She had only heard their names once. Of course she didn’t remember.
“This is Brooke, Anastasia, and Luis,” I answered, gesturing with my hands as I said their names.
She started smiling as I was talking. I smiled back, happy by her expression.
“Thank you,” she nodded her head, still smiling. “Hello Brooke, Anastasia, and Luis. It’s nice to meet you.”
“We have already met,” Anastasia said. She is always being a smart-aleck. Hallie blushed from embarrassment. I shot Anastasia the evil eye. I didn’t want Hallie to feel bad. Brett saw my expression.
“Technically, that maybe true, but now she knows your names. So it’s more official,” he explained, calming me down and making Hallie’s face go back to its regular color. Though I didn’t like when she felt bad, she looked even more beautiful when her cheeks were pink.
“Thank you. So, how did you know I needed a ride?” she asked.
“We talked to Natasha. We found out she couldn’t and she told us where you live,” Brett answered, no trace of lying in his voice. There was no need for him to lie because it was true. We did find out, and she did tell us. She looked at me, wondering if this was the truth. I smiled- pleased that she looked to me for the answer instead of the other three- and nodded. Hallie accepted this.
My heart- if it was still beating- would have fluttered. She trusted me. She wasn’t afraid. She didn’t try to keep her distance. She trusted me.
“So, are we ready to go?” I asked, unwillingly. I didn’t want to stop spending time with Hallie.
A plan was started to form in my head.

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