The Twilight Saga

Edward's POV

"Sweetie, are you okay?" Bella asked Renesmee. She tore her eyes away from her baby and looked at Bella. "Mom, you know very well that I am better than perfect." Nessie smile became HUGE. I was happy for my baby, now that she was, all the depression in the house had faided away. Bella's head shot up to me. I furrowed my eyebrows. She widend her eyes and her mouth popped open.

"Love?" I asked. She walked foward to me, but Nessies hand stopped her mom.

"Where are you going?" She wispered. She just shook her head and kissed Nessie's forehead.

"I promise to return in a few moments sweetheart." She rubbed her shoulders and carassed the baby's face before she continued walking to me.

"I need to discuss an important matter with you, Edward, if you don't mind joining me?" she asked politely.

"Of course," I said and she took my hand and lead me out of the house.

She walked towards the woods with me on her heels.

Oh, how I hated this. Not being able to see in my Bella's mind was heartbreaking at times like these. We were almost to our meadow when she came to a stop and faced my. Her face looked so sad, torn up? Why would she feel like this now? I smoothed her face and sighed.

"Love, you are driving me insane. Please speak." I pleaded.

She tore her eyes from me and gawked at the ground.

"Edward. . . . .The Volturi." She wispired.

I froze. Shocked.

How stupid of me, to not think of them before. I still haven't forgiven them for what they had done when Nessie was little. Now, an idea struck my head like a lighting bolt.

"Bella, Bella. I just thought of somthing," I soothed her. I still held her face in both of my hands. She looked up and wagged her eyebrows.

"What would that be?" She asked.

"Okay. Do you remember the first time Irina saw Nessie?" She nodded. "Well, The Volturi only found out because of your hunting destination. But. . . What if they don't have to find out. What if we could be. . . Sneaky?" She stared at me; her whole face looked confused.

"You want. . . . to. . .h-hide the baby. if the Volturi decide to intercede?" She asked.

I smiled and nodded.

"Well, thats just insane. I can't believe i'm saying this Mr. Cullen but i'm afraid that, at times like these, i'm proud to call Emmett my brother." She smiled. The worry had faided. She wanted to be sneaky.

She wrapped her arms around me and wisperd "Brilliant," Into my ear.

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Comment by Shannon/ Elizabeth on April 10, 2009 at 7:00pm
this is really good
Comment by Mrs. Black-Cullen on April 8, 2009 at 2:01pm
aw. more please.
Comment by ♥ஐSiℓℓy ℒittℓℯ нyßяi∂ ™ஐ♥ on April 1, 2009 at 5:26pm
that is so good i love it!

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