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I know I know its getting boring XD XD I'm gonna make it interesting Chapter 4. XD

CHAPTER 3 Without Asking :

I ran out of the woods in my wolf form toward the small cabin that the fortune Teller - Alice,had made for Bella,Edward and Nessie.I transformed back and walked up to the door.I knocked once.Bella came to the door with Renesme under her arm."Good morning" I smiled and nodded my head.Bella sighed.Renesme grinned.
"Jake!" Nessie said in her giggly voice.I smiled and took her from Bella before she could respond.Bella didn't argue she smiled and disapeared behind the door again.I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do.I know they,or at least Edward wouldn't want me to come in.So I just stood and bounced Renesme up and down.She giggled.I walked in circles as I bounced her.I suddenly stopped when I realized Bella was sanding in the doorway watching.She chuckled when I stopped.
"Having fun?" She smiled at Nessie.I nodded and started bouncing her again.She giggled and clapped her hands together in excitment.There was a ringing sound from behind the door.Bella glanced over her shoulder."Shoot.." She muttered and disapeared again.I could hear her faintly talking.I figured it was the phone so I started poking Renesme again to make her laugh.Someone touched my shoulder.I jumped and spun around.Alice was standing behind be with her eyes narrowed and her arms crossed.
"What?" I finally asked processing this.She rolled her eyes.
"Now I get it... You know your really annoying?"
I chuckled."And your point is...?"
She sighed."I can't see visions when you and the other dogs are around."
I tryed to ignore the 'dogs' comment."Oh.Sorry." I said and grinned in satisfaction of her annoyance with me.She sighed realizing I didn't care.She looked at Renesme and her face lit up.
"Nessie!" She chimmed and took her from me without question.I held my hands behind my back as I watched her.She sighed again looking up at me."I guess Nessie's worth it.." She muttered.Obviously not happy about this.I grinned again and took her from Alice.
"Thank you.." I said drawing it out as I lifted Nessie back to me.Renesme smiled and patted my head.I laughed."Okay then?" She giggled.Alice smiled at her again.Bella apeared next to me with the phone off.She looked up at Alice.
"I was going to tell you but -" She cut off looking at me.
"Too late." Alice said and grinned."Its okay.I just had to make sure..." She glanced at me.I narrowed my eyes at her realizing this was about me.
"Excuse me?" I said watching my tone with Renesme in my arms."Am I a part of this?" I asked looking back and forth from them.Renesme laid her head on my shoulder not wanting to get involved.She hated anyone of us to argue.I laid my cheek on her hair while I waited for an answer.
Bella smiled at me and Nessie.She petted her long curls."Alice suddenly blanked out because you were near and it scared her - She thought we might be hurt,but..She hung up and ran for it before I could explain." She chuckled still looking at Renesme's peaceful expression.
Alice grinned."I am always looking out for trouble!" She stood on her toes to try and look me in the eye but couldn't reach.I chuckled.She pouted.Bella laughed.
"You two are almost like brother and sister.Would you quit!?" She grinned.Renesme didn't understand it but she giggled at Bella.Bella smiled at her."Thank you Renesme!" She grinned and put her hands on her hips in satisfaction.Renesme giggled again at her.I smiled.
"Okay" Alice finally said and sighed.I chuckled seeing that Alice didn't like the thought of me as her brother.She glared at me for a momment but smiled.

I sat in the front yard with Renesme bored.I laid on the grass while she picked the grass around me and laid it randomly all over me.Bella came over with her arms crossed and looked down at me.She laughed."What are you doing?"She grinned.
Renesme giggled up at her.I laughed."Playing with Renesme." I smiled.
She chuckled again."Looks more like she's playing with you while you take a nap in the lawn." She grinned mockingly.I laughed.
"Your close.I'm not asleep." I grinned.Renesme started laying more grass on me.I laughed."Are you having fun burrying me?" I asked her with my hands behind my head.Renesme giggled and nodded.I patted her head and smiled.
"Smarty." I grinned.She giggled again.
"She's a happy little thing isn't she?" I heard Edward's voice behind me.I sighed.Edward walked up and looked down at my head."Hello Jacob." He smiled.I sighed again and gave him a faint smile.Edward sighed."As much as I hate it..." He glanced at Renesme and smiled.Then looked back at him."We have to go hunting tonight... All of us.Rosalie too.It's unusual for us all to go at once but -" He went on. I understood his point so I stopped listening and smiled at Renesme.He looked down at me and stopped talking."Oh.I guess you understand then."He fake smiled and sighed.I sat up and all the grass fell into my lap.I shook off my hair and more fell into my lap.Renesme giggled.I smiled at her and took a hand full of the grass.I layed some on her hair.She giggled and picked it off her head.She threw it in the air and giggled as it fell on us again.Bella laughed.
"Looks like you two will have fun." She smiled.
The only problem with this was I couldn't go on patrol with the pack.Though I was now the leader and the rest of them wouldn't care.Except maybe Leah.. She probably won't like that the Cullen's are putting her on delay.I sighed not wanting to think about her anger.Edward smiled alittle and nodded.He disappeared out of thin air like he always did.I glanced at Bella and she did the same.I sighed and looked at Renesme."Looks like it's just me and you kid!" I grinned.She smiled and handed me a purple flower next to her.I smiled."Aw.Thank you Nessie." I smiled and put it behind my ear.She giggled.

I called Seth and he came over.He sighed when he got there. Leah's mad you know? He thought to me and sighed.I nodded."Ya,Ya.. I get it.. I'm in trouble with her aren't I?" I asked rolling my eyes.Seth nodded.I sighed "Wouldn't be the first time.." I muttered.Leah hated everything about the Cullen's - Only my Nessie had she made a real acception too,and I think part of that may be because she know's about imprinting.She knows it's un-stoppable.She also has a grudge on Bella for attacking her brother when she heard.She meant to hit me,but Seth tried to stop her.Renesme loves Seth for that.She's overly greatful for that move.I smiled at the memory of Renesme's thought on that.Then I realized Seth was grinning at me.I had forgotten he could hear my every thought.I sighed."Ya I know I'm a whimp." I laughed.Seth laughed too.
"Nope." He said and smiled.He picked up Nessie off the ground.She smiled at him.I grinned.Seth sighed of boredem.I laughed and backed up away from them.When I was a safe distance away I transformed into a wolf and walked over to her.I licked her cheek.She giggled and petted my ear.I closed my eyes and turned my head into her hand.She giggled.I remembered the same thing when we were there to learn about how to fight Victoria's evil minions.I was pulled out of my thoughts by Renesme's giggle when I had turned my head.I opened my eyes and straightened up to see why she was laughing.It was because of me.She clapped when I opened my eyes.
"Puppy!" She said in her baby-talk voice.Seth laughed.
"Jacob is a puppy isn't he Nessie?" He grinned mockingly at me.I sighed and sat down and wagged my tail.Renesme giggled again,but I'm not sure if she was laughing at Me or Seth.I suddenly got a thought.Seth's amused look turned to confused as he listened to my thoughts."None of the bloodsuckers will get mad?" He asked questionably of my idea.I sighed.
Well they trust YOU. So.. I grinned.Seth chuckled.
"So.. It would be my fault then..." He offered grinning.I nodded and grinned again still in wolf form.He laughed."Alright then.I'll take the blame if Edward doesn't approve.."He smiled and sighed.He really didn't care,and we both doubted it would make him mad.As long as she came back safe.Which I could almost guarantee would happen.I laid down and laid my dog-like head in between my large chocolate colored paws.Seth walked over to my side and sat Renesme on my back.Without having to be asked,Renesme grabbed on to my fur tightly.Seth laughed."Smarty pants,aren't you?" He grinned.Renesme nodded.He chuckled.I stood up.Renesme layed her head against my back and hugged my back with her small hands.I could hear her thoughts.Though I only understood about as much as the names in her head.Mine was the most common.I grinned listening to her little thoughts.She was processing everything about this.She was going to show it to her mother,I figured.I sighed.Well they were going to figure it out anyway...
I started trotting around the trees.Seth walked right by my side watching Renesme.I heard something in her little head that caught my eye."Faster." Seth chuckled reading my mind."She finds it boring does she?" He grinned bigger and laughed.He walked off to the side a little ways and turned into his smaller grey wolf figure.He trotted over to us and grinned again.
Ready? He asked in his thoughts,narrowing his eyes at me.I nodded and Seth took off.I sighed.I glanced at Renesme over my shoulder.She was now looking up.Through the space in-between my ears.She was still holding on for dear life.As she should.I started running too.Not nearly as fast as Seth but a good enough speed to make Renesme happier.About the spead of a Merry-Go-Round.Seth finally stopped in his tracks quite aways ahead to let us catch up.He grinned at us while he waited.I sped up slighty,glancing over my shoulder to check on Nessie.She was fine.Still looking through my ears,and giggling.I got up to Seth and stopped.Seth transformed back.I layed down and he picked her up off my back.I stood up and transformed back.I walked over to them grinning.Renesme was smiling the whole time.I bent over half-way to look her in the eye.She clapped her hands.I laughed.
"I'm guessing that means you had fun?" I grinned.She smiled and patted my head.Seth grinned and patted her head.She looked at him and make a face.He laughed.
"Whats that for? You always do it to us!" He fake pouted.Renesme giggled.

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