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*Did I ever mention how much I love you guys? I'm sooooo sorry that I keep forgetting to update and getting distracted. Please don't hate me! I'll be sure to write more and more frequently because everyone who read is amazing and I have new ideas! So here it is! :)*
I rolled over groggily and stretched as I blinked in sunlight from the open window. 
  "Tell mommy good morning, Kenna." Jacob sat beside me on the bed with our daughter in his arms. She stared at me while sucking on three fingers.
  I smirked as I sat up. Jake's face was glowing and he looked like he had been working out lately. "How long has she been up?"
  Jake lifted her into his lap as she started to crawl away. "Uh.. Longer than you, shorter than Aidan. I must have rocked your world, huh?" He grinned cockily and I blushed before playfully hitting his arm.
  "Wait, where is Aidan?" He answered, "Nursery. He said 'I love Daddy' today."
  My jaw dropped and Kenna whined. I gazed fondly at the girl sitting up on her own before reaching out and picking her up.   
  Then I got out of bed while she stayed perched on my hip, playing with my hair.
  "Where ya going, babe?" I said, "To see if Aidan loves Mommy too."
  Kenna giggled and I looked down at the gorgeous baby. "What's so funny, Kenzie?" Jacob narrowed his eyes at the new nickname, but grinned when she smiled up at me.
  "Kenna loves Momma." I felt tears spring to my eyes; partly because of what she said, but partly because this was happening too fast. 
  I quickly walked to the nursery, set her in the crib, looked in on a sleeping Aidan, and returned to the living room. The big couch greeted me as I exhaled onto it.
  A door opened and closed, then Jake stood before me with crossed arms. "Hey, Ness."
  My knees were in my chest and I was kind of bummed out. "What?"
  The couch shifted slightly before a familiar warmth swept me onto his lap and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. Jake rubbed soothing circles around my back.
  "What's wrong, baby?" I buried my face in his neck and inhaled his woodsy scent. 
  "Do you-" I pulled back so he could hear me. "Do you ever think that maybe we kind of rushed into this? I mean, I got pregnant and had the twins and now everything's moving in fast forward."
  I took a breath before moving off of his lap. He looked hurt and sighed. "What are you saying?"
  Sliding a bit further away from him, I shrugged. "I don't know." He nodded slowly before standing up. "Well, when you do know, let me know."
  Then he started toward the door. I quickly stood and caught up with him. "Jake, wait-" 
  Jacob gave me one last look with pleading eyes that stopped me in my tracks. His voice was husky and venomous when he spoke again, "Goodbye, Renesmee."
  I flinched before he slammed the door and I was left in silence. A moment later, the twins cried simultaneously.
  My heart felt heavy, but I put on a brace face for my babies. "Hi, Kenna!" She looked up at me and I moved forward against my will, reaching in to pick her up.
  I sighed, "I can't wait until your temporary power fades." Then I picked up Aidan with my other arm. He stopped crying and nestled closer to me.
  "I think you guys are hungry." They cooed and babbled nonsense, a few "Mommy"s here and there. I set them both in their respective high chairs, making sure to put the TV on the toddler channel.
  "Red Riding Hood-Preschool Learning" kept my babies entertained as I prepared mashed-up bananas and Cheerios. I came back to them with two bowls and two tiny spoons.
  They stared at the screen with smiles. I chuckled and set a bowl and a spoon on the tray of each highchair. They didn't seem to notice, so I shrugged and turned to pull my long hair back.
  When I looked back, Aidan was feeding himself with the spoon while Kenna neatly picked up the pieces and popped them in her mouth. I blinked before shaking my head in disbelief.
  "You guys are going to make Mommy feel old!" Aidan looked at me while chewing with scrunched-up (but barely visible) eyebrows. Kenna stared at the screen and yelled, "Daddy!" when the big, bad wolf showed up.
  I winced, feeling terrible about not realizing the end of this fairytale. They watched me curiously as I changed the channel. Aidan said, "Mommy, thirsty."
  Kenna banged her hands on her tray and yelled excitedly, "Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty!" In all of her panic, Kenna's bowl and spoon clattered to the floor. I groaned when Aidan squealed happily, shoving his over as well.
  "One minute, loves." I took out two sippy cups and apple juice, keeping an eye on the two. As I poured juice into the first cup, Aidan screamed at the top of his lungs, which caused me to drop the cup and spill juice all over the counter.
  "Ugh!" I picked up the cup and set it in the sink. Then I turned to the shrieking almost-toddlers. "Stop!" I yelled. 
  They grew quiet with wobbling chins and tears in their eyes. I sighed, frustrated, before picking up their bowls and spoons from the floor and dropping them in the sink.
  Kenna sniffled and I sighed before lifting her out of the highchair and resting her on my left hip. "I'm sorry, babies," I whispered.
  Aidan turned his attention back to the TV, huffing his breath. Kenna snuggled her face in my shoulder as I picked up my phone.
  "Mom? Can you come help me? I'm freaking out."
  She agreed, so I gently set Kenna back in her highchair. Kenna whined and I said, "Mommy can't hold you always!"
  Then I got out fresh sippy-cups and lured their juices. Aidan drank his greedily while Kenna studied her hand.
   Bella came over just seconds later. I let her in and she hugged me tightly.
  "Ness, I love you but.. You look like a wreck." She chuckled and I sighed, "You don't know the half of it."

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