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We walked into the kitchen and Bella excitedly held the twins, who were drifting to sleep in her arms.
  "What happened in here?" She nodded toward the forgotten juice spill on the counter and dirty dishes in the sink.
  "They were screaming like little party animals and dropped stuff, then I dropped stuff, and I screamed at them, and-" I stopped and Bella gave me a sympathetic look.
  "It's understandable, sweetie. This was thrown at you in a matter of days. It hasn't even been a month and they're both talking and crawling!"
  I nodded soberly. "They look really tired, but I think I should clean them up."
  Then I gingerly took Aidan from here. He made a small sound before relaxing into my embrace. She grinned, "I think I can help with that."
  So we washed the babies in another warm bubble bath. Then I changed their diapers and Bella helped me dress them in cute footie pajamas.
  It didn't take long for them to fall into a comfortable sleep with a goodnight kiss and Mozart lulling softly in the background.
  I closed the nursery door quietly before joining Bella at the dining table. She smiled and placed her hand over mine.
  "We've missed you at the main house. Especially Rose."
  I chuckled and stood from my chair.  "Coffee?" She wrinkled her nose and said, "No thanks."
  So I poured myself a cup and wrapped my hands around it, long sleeves making my fingers disappear.
  "Yeah, I wasn't a bug fan of it either. But Jake drinks it all the time and-" I stopped, my heart sinking at his name.
  Bella shifted awkwardly before asking, "Um... Nessie, where is Jacob?" 
  I sighed and peered down into the black coffee, taking a sip, and staring down again.
  "He left," I answered almost inaudibly. She mumbled a stunned, "Oh."
  I took a deep breath, willing myself not to cry. She said, "But he imprinted on you. So I'm sure he'll be back soon. He told me that when a wolf imprints, it hurts to be away from that person."
  She nodded to herself, as if confirming the thought. I shrugged and replied, "I guess feelings change."
  I continued staring into the blackness for a second. Then I looked up to see Bella staring off into space.
  "Um, I'm going to go check on Kenna and Aidan."
  She nodded vacantly and I left the coffee on the table. The babies looked slightly different.
  Kenna's hair was a bit longer- the length that you can pull it up- and Aidan looked a bit taller.
  I smiled down at them; even if they grew fast, they were still adorable to me. When I left their room, Bella wasn't at the table.
  She stood in the loving room, hissing something to someone on the phone. "Mom?"
  Bella looked up and muttered, "I don't know! I have to go. Yeah, love you too." Then she hung up and pulled me into a hug.
  "It was your dad." She pulled back and said, "Alice and Rosalie can come over and stay the night. I will and I'm sure Esme-"
  I cut her off. "Actually, I would rather be alone tonight." She nodded and kissed the top of my head.
  "Sure. I love you and you can call us or stop by the main house anytime." I smiled, "We'll be over tomorrow morning."
  She said, "Okay." Before I closed the door she said, "Don't worry, he'll come back."
  I swallowed as I closed the door. But what if he doesn't come back?
  ~Thunder shook the house at 4 AM. I hadn't slept so it didn't wake me or anything. It had been raining all night and I had been sobbing into a pillow for over an hour.
  The babies were crying so I forced myself out of bed. I picked up both Aidan and Kenna. They settled into my arms.
  I sat on the rocker and gently moved while singing a lullaby. Once they were settled, I kissed their heads and set them in their cribs.
  Then I ran to the bathroom as a wave of nausea hit me. Why was this feeling so familiar?

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Comment by lizzie on July 7, 2011 at 8:25pm
o my gosh! nessie's pregnant!! i did not see that coming! awhh where's jake? did he think they were gonna get a divorce? no he has to back soon right??!?

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